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  1. Boho Beautiful

    We hope this class speaks to your heart! Remember to listen to your body. Some of these postures and exercises can be challenging so take breaks, modify when needed, or slow down the video in the Youtube player settings. The more you incorporate this into your everyday practice the easier this video will get and the stronger you will become! ❤️❤️

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    love and light to you all…

    Juliana & Mark*

  2. k J

    This feels sooooo good. Exactly what I needed.


    I jus love you.. perfect thx a lot

  4. Shauna

    Just found this channel and subscribed. Been practicing yoga for years but stopped for various reasons. Due to pain from tightness, stress and slight injury decided to go back to yoga and this speaks to me on all levels. Mind, Body fitness and Healing in one. This content is amazing and way better than most programs you pay for! What a gift! <3

  5. Ara Ko

    Just beautiful, the scenery, music, yoga, sweat, mindfulness , and you

  6. thanitda chaivanont

    very peachful to be here. 🙂

  7. I Seifeddine

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR WORKOUTS, can you PLEASE create more full-body toning or weight loss yoga workouts. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  8. I Seifeddine

    Wow – My legs, arms, and abs feel so TIGHT….LOVE IT! THANK YOU!!

  9. Stephanie Yautzy

    what a class! i just love seeing you guys grow and this yoga workout is a great example of your growth! cant wait to do it again

  10. Emma Mankowski

    I love these videos! I've been consistent for over six months now, as well as eating clean, but I am still having trouble seeing results. Any ideas, Boho community?

  11. P.B. Falkor

    Can you do another "beginner" where you remind me (specifically me) when to inhale/exhale?

  12. Christie Clancy

    Awesome class, feels good to be able to move again! Not bad for 3 days post partum. Just what i needed.

  13. Sarah Loves Veggies

    Thank you! Namaste.

  14. Jacqueline Van Bierk

    Love this workout. Thank you.

  15. Becky Hearsey

    Love this! So challenging, but so rewarding. Thank you!

  16. 김영주

    장소가 어딘지요
    배경이 너무 아름답군요
    정말 좋은영상

  17. SanFran Fitness

    I love this one. Thank you 😊

  18. Abbie Kephart Sams

    Love LOVE L O V E this video. My favorite workout so far! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  19. Sara A.S

    I love your videos , I was wondering if you have any tips or routines for strenghtening wrists. i find it difficult to do a full routine because my wrist always hurt after just one plank.

  20. Anu Laurila

    This is my new favourite! So beautiful and with great flow throughout the excercise but still so challenging, love it! 🌞

  21. NicholeBowen

    How do I stop from hurting my wrists in all these planks? 😭

  22. Sasha Banks-Louie

    Perfect morning workout. I found my fitness "to-do-list" in those boat scissor kicks!

  23. aitasingh madmar

    wow you went at mardihimal trek good job you had really good moments wit white mountain and morning sunrise fresh air good job keep going

  24. HappyNHolistic

    I’ve been following Julianna and Mark for over 3 and a half years. And so far this has been my favorite workout! I found it super fun and just what I needed. The only thing that could have made it better for me was to have a beach or lake setting. But nature is nature! 🧚🏻‍♀️♥️

  25. Clarryberry Venti

    Love it so so much!! Thank you! <3

  26. Jex D

    This course is quite challenging!!!
    Anyway, I have finally finished it, with sweating face✌️
    I looooooove Boho!😍

  27. Simone Turner

    💕 As always, you're so beautiful! Love your workouts! x 💕

  28. Luisa Ortega

    The more i do this class the more i fall in love with it! I can really feel myself getting stronger, thank you so much juliana <3


    " Однажды "

    Я тот,

    Кого ты можешь


    С кем можешь разделить

    Любовь и славу.

    Весь мир открыт

    Перед тобой,


    Возьми что хочешь,



    Сапфиры с алмазами!

    Кто я такой,

    Чтоб это предлагать?


    И почитатель







    Яркими красками!


    Чья любовь,

    Как чудесная


    А жизнь.

    День за днём

    Мы словно

    Рождаешься заново!


    В чьём сердце

    Так много


    И чистой любви!

    Не убитая временем,

    Пока что ещё

    Не отравлена.

    Ты можешь остаться

    Или уйти,

    Но тебе не забыть

    Об одном.

    Ты однажды захочешь

    Вернуться обратно!

  30. wfjewel84

    Happy 1st anniversary to us Boho beautiful… It´s been a great year following your amazing videos almost everyday. I can see visible results since then. And my stress level and mood has definitely improved every time after doing your videos. I have never tried going to the gym and thought that I didn´t need to because I have you. Thank you so much for the inspiration. Sending you love and light. Namaste!

  31. Memsudin Bosnjakovic

    I born befor 2 monthe (not natural away ) so when i can start to do yoga

  32. Gadol Adonai

    Yoga has its roots in the occult, you are playing with fire by practising yoga.

  33. Akram Emadi

    Amazing video

  34. tsmooVe2831

    This was great! I'll b coming back to this one ALOT! namaste 🙏🏾

  35. Aparna Rathore

    Amazing…I m sweating after this…and it feels great 🥰

  36. Inez Mathilde

    Wow!! I think this is my favourite of all the more workout directed videos of yours. It really spoke to both my physical body, my heart and my spiritual self equally. Namaste! <3

  37. Christan Perona

    I love this video! I'd choose this over the gym any day. Thank you so much.

  38. garbage bin

    any tips on how to complete the workout?? i couldnt go past 5 minutes and i realllyyy want to do this

  39. Toni Callistini

    Greet 20 minute workout and flow! Love your videos 💜👍

  40. Megan Nino

    Loved this!

  41. Ronja Sebastian

    Wow, you guys. Pure ecstatic bliss. And so otherworldly beautiful. Reminds me of being in Nepal… 💗🏔🏔💗
    P.S. I am soaked 😉 Looking forward to being sore tomorrow, and to ace this sequence with more practice.

  42. Dwayne Babb

    Wow!! That was incredible, I really worked up a sweat. Thank you for sharing and the mountain side background was beautiful.

  43. obv_ design

    Namaste, Juliana!🥰

  44. Karen Koleski

    I’m loving this! Thank you 🙏🏼 ❤️

  45. Kiiim Fd

    Tooooooooo fast!

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