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  1. Maryam Maquillage

    Do we need VBB?? Watch until the end for the verdict :))

  2. Lala H

    I bought the VBB Signature eye compact, Mink lid lustre and the bronze eye kohl. They are nice but overpriced for what they are. There is an almost identical dupe for the bronze eye liner – it’s the Linda Hallberg flash crayon in Levy Flash. If you have that, you don’t need the VBB bronze eyeliner. There is a very slight difference in tone, and I do mean slight, which will be imperceptible on the eyes. The same creamy glide on texture is identical though and both are made in Germany – probably at the same lab! The LH version is much cheaper though at £14 vs £20 for the VBB liner. Had I known, I wouldn’t have bought the VBB one as I already have LH’s Levy Flash crayon.

  3. Maheen Shaiq

    That beginning was a little cringeworthy lol. The eye look is gorgeous

  4. Cupcake *.*

    I do like the eyeshadow shades – but tbh 54 dollars for these tiny palettes? I can get 5 essence palettes for this amount of money ^^
    "it looks like a menstrual cycle" – holy fck, I almost spit out my coffee cause I laughed so hard 😂😂😂

  5. M C

    Love the look. Where ever did you get your top from?

  6. Gladys O'Dowd

    Nah! So expensive!

  7. Ace Hardy

    Taking notes 📝

  8. Cris F

    From her website: "Wherever possible, we use post-consumer and recycled materials and minimal plastic. However, we believe we can do better. We are actively engaging resources to incorporate even more post-consumer materials, ocean-bound plastic, and refillable packaging into production. We aren’t perfect, but we are committed to partnering with industry leaders in science, technology and sustainability to set better, cleaner, and more ethical standards across beauty"… at least she tries.. Good job, VBB

  9. mansi aggarwal

    With pat mcgrath/charlotte tilbury prices, it better work like them too imo 💁🏻‍♀️
    I don’t think she has any special formula like pat has in her eyeshadows, or natasha danona does

  10. Ana.g.banana

    Hi beautiful! First of all Happy Birthday. Love the look but just like you i think this collection is pretty but it did now wow me
    Plus it’s very expensive. Anyway, as usual great review. #teamtruth ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Elizabeth Dang

    Might pick this up next time I want some luxury products. Digging how VBB is trying to be more eco-friendly.

  12. Alisa Sepe

    Love your honesty and humor thank you

  13. rosyrosie81

    Love ❤️ these reviews #teamtruth

  14. Lisa Billson

    So excited for this video; I had been going back and forth between picking it up – appreciate the honesty and think I'll be skipping! I do loveee the look you created though – you look gorgeous in it and the lip liners are kind of the only thing pulling me in at the moment!

  15. Miki Tesfay

    Happy birthday queen ❤️❤️❤️🎉🎊🎉🎈🎈🍾🍾🥂

  16. Janice Streilein

    Nice colors, but ya, not spending that much for "the name". Love ya Maryam!

  17. Nicole Schraeger

    Happy Birthday beauty!!🎉🎂🎈 💕


    I wont ourchase everything from VBB bc I dimply dont need it BUT I am a fan of her, her previous collab and her esthetic. Her packaging is what I vibe with. Not bright colors or gaudy lettering . Looks and feels lux!

  19. KiVonShe J

    MIRIAM GO HOME!!!! A menstrual cycle tho? 🤣🤣🤣 #teamtruth it did look quite awful

  20. 小小

    I like ur dress.

  21. Haley2080

    Love you, Maryam! ❣️❣️❣️

  22. Gladys O'Dowd

    Wow! Pass on that, so expensive and colors same as the market

  23. Dannye Huot

    I love you you very honestly and thank for that bizou xoxoxoxo from Montreal

  24. Stacey Wallace


  25. Foxymama 2003

    I was drawn to tweed and signature because at 55, I have toned down on color and glitter, but $54 is really steep for a basic eyeshadow palette! That lip tint??? You nailed it, it looks like old blood!! #teamtruth

  26. Liz Torres

    Very helpful review. Thanks!

  27. غدير الخفاجي Ghadeer Aqeel I

    Nice 👍😘

  28. Liz Torres

    Does brass get rusty? If so… these wont last much longer than a year. Gotta look that up

  29. Nicole Miller

    Yass #teamtruth I am always here for teamtruth style girl but thanks for being honest on new makeup lines and products girl

  30. Jovana Stefanovic

    I LOVE the honesty! 🤗 I am sick of being told that the product is worth the price even when it's ridiculous 🤷‍♀️ I appreciate you telling it like it is!

  31. Mz. YumYum14

    I want to see you review Tati Beauty's eyeshadow palette

  32. Mz. YumYum14

    Yes lady!!! U kno I have to show my love to ur channel!!!! #Teamtruth

  33. Sabah Rose

    Yassss excited for this video ❤️❤️

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