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  1. dyanii Xx

    girlllll rihanna commented on your instaa!!

  2. dyanii Xx

    ever see a comment and be like "damn wish i commented that"

  3. By Sophia

    From 7 eleven full face to Fenty

  4. By Sophia

    Film again with Wolfie

  5. Alexis Trujillo Vlogs

    We are the same Fenty Foundation Shade No Way!!💗💗

  6. Kat Amaya

    Are u and Wolfe a thing again ?

  7. Bonbon Hogan

    Rihanna commented on your Instagram

  8. Kacion Robinson

    And I love you❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  9. Kacion Robinson

    You should do a full face testing too face

  10. Smile Brightly

    Please do full face of too faced and milk makeup!!🥰🥰

  11. Nayeli Martinez

    Can you do a full face of makeup revolution? It’s at ulta

  12. L Davenport

    When you said Holy! It reminded me of wolfie 😁😂 7:27

  13. Javeria Masud13

    Do essence makeup full face PLEASE. I want to see your reviews on the products.. I LOVE YOU. YOU ARE AMAZING> I LEARNED FROM YOU HOW TO DO MY MAKEUP. I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL!! ❤❤😍😍💕💕💕

  14. oof nigha

    honeyyy you need to pluck your brows

  15. Jordan Lee

    Can you do a full face of essence

  16. judith landa

    I FUCKING LOVE YOU!!! 💛💛💛💛

  17. Darby O'Donnell

    Has a setting spray ever put white dots onto your face? What does that mean does it mean it doesnt mix well with the foundation you used? Helppp😂😂

  18. Andreea Popoiu

    Sylvia beeing a make-up master for 17 minutes straigh💗🙌🏻

  19. Mavra Nisar

    Girl your brows

  20. Nuno Roque

    I’m sorry girl but those eyebrows aren’t great

  21. Alison Mendez

    @Sylvia Gani I would love for y to do my makeup at my sweet 15 it would be my dream come true I love all your videos and I'm subscribed to your chyaaaaaanel 💖 I love you💙💖💯👌

  22. Gudny B

    Do a full face of Bobbi Brown make up 😊❤

  23. Pandicorn

    Rihanna commented on your Instagram!

  24. Najhé Dior

    walking out the how looking like a diamond lol 😍😍😭

  25. Najhé Dior

    i love how her eyeshadow always come out amazing 😍😍🥵

  26. AnM Channel

    Colour pop! ❤️

  27. Prachi Chevli

    heyy,make video on full face makeup using lipsticks💄💋🤩
    what do you guys think?

  28. Juan Lopez

    Those eyebrows tho😂😂😂

  29. Eva Chiofalo

    What concealer shade did you use?

  30. Morgana Pitts

    That lip color looks beautiful with your crease transition shade 😭😭😭

  31. אסתר ניסן

    You're the best!!!!!! My BF and I watch your videos and we're love the content of your videos !!!
    we send you love from Israel❤

  32. Celeste Flores

    Can you please do a full face of wish or Ali express makeup!!

  33. HedgeThetics

    Can u do full face of cheapest products ?

  34. Hailey

    Do a update on your life👀👀 what’s up with you and Wolfie

  35. Lindsay Anne

    The fenty foundation…aka you have to have flawless perfect skin to wear it 😂😒😫😂

  36. O-O 56678

    The ‘lil pump’

  37. Haleyann 04

    I love you but your eyebrows aren’t the cutest thing to look at not to hate I promise just sayin 🤕❤️

  38. Martyna Gruszka


  39. Anna T

    omgggg rihanna commented on ur insta congratsss💗💗

  40. Wapang Pongener

    Please do full face on makeup revolution ❤love you

  41. aaneella

    Love love love this i always wanted to try out the makeup 💄 by the way love your makeup 🔥🔥🔥

  42. chelsea hurst

    I'm in the S SQUAD. Love you 😘

  43. chelsea hurst

    I love you so much Sylvia. You are awesome and beautiful. Please give me a shoutout. It will make me super happy.

  44. Makaila Rose


  45. Makaila Rose

    oooo gurl!! love that back round

  46. Casey McCarthy

    Rihanna commented on your Instagram

  47. Flor Reyes

    Did anyone else notice at 10:05 that it says pro filter instant retouch concealer but it’s the Chanel mist TEAAA

  48. Katie Lingefelt

    Just the other day I was wanting to watch a video where someone did a full face of Fenty but the only ones that were out were from like a year ago when it first launched and I was looking for her more recent products and then here you are coming in CLUTCH! this is why I love you.

  49. Emilia Arce Jimenez

    I love your eyebrows!

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