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  1. What’s the buzz ?

    Where’s Ewan McGregor

  2. La_Trolette

    Menken is lovely !

  3. Tamira

    Why did nobody say that they like to play Gaston, I would say Gaston because I love that he is in his inner world where he is rhe middle of everything and he doesn't accept the word 'no'. And I would love to play a villain AND the Gaston song and the mob song are my favorite ones.

  4. Giann Chan

    I melt every time Luke smiles……………..

  5. Noah Casper

    Ian seems completely disorientated. He's usually sooo nice and funny, but here he almost comes off as rude.

  6. bestdamnalex

    I absolutely adore this cast!

  7. Mario U Comics and Cartoons

    I disagree with him. an animated face could say just as much or more if the animators are doing their jobs right

  8. Zoe K.

    Ian McKellen is so grumpy and rude. But I do understand his point of view. This whole project was made entirely in order to sell Emma Watson as this super intelligent, super powerful young woman. It's all an agenda.

  9. Animation Geek

    Ian has never seen the original?? Why didn't he watch it to make ThE movie? Btw great questions I like that they are not the same boring questions everyone asks!

  10. Fantastic Beasts

    Ian McKellen 😕

  11. viesymanchita

    I love how Alan Menken is trying to think of Disney songs that he didn't write 😁🎶

  12. Echelon Girl

    Love this cast and i can't wait for this movie!

  13. Disney65Fan

    Never heard of Nathan Mack

  14. Disney65Fan

    Ian Mckellan seems grumpy and disinterested here.

  15. Disney65Fan

    Josh Gad has a moustache now. Olaf, Sir Lancelot, Hermione Granger, Nanny Mcphee, Obi Wan, Magneto, and Jerry from maid in manhattan all in the same movie priceless

  16. Disney65Fan

    Luke Evans I'd say will steal this film. Dan Stevens I remember him in downton abbey and Night at the museum 3. The cast looks stellar.

  17. Poppy Presents

    Fab video Blesina. So lucky

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