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  1. Elaine Beard

    Too bad I live in Australia.Thanks Kelly.Kit is a great idea.🌹

  2. StampedAF

    You’re the best Kelly! Thank you so much for your kind words 😘

  3. Heather Gratto

    From what I understand, your kit is not available for Canadians, only Ashley’s, and it will be different?

  4. Patricia Weed

    I have so many of those wood elements l never know what to do with them. What a clever idea to emboss them. Love it. THANK YOU. Too bad they are not more mailable.

  5. Connie Juengel

    I couldn't see anywhere what the 4 projects look like to see if I'd be interested in ordering?…

  6. cindie sawyer

    Beautiful card…Hope and pray that that all is well with you and your family. Heard on one of your other videos Steve is doing great..

  7. Bonita Brunner

    Can you just buy the videos? I have the DSP, cardstock, stamps, dies, etc. so I don’t need a kit.

  8. Judith Sigler

    YAY, Kelly! LOVELY CARD design as always! I LOVE FALL n’ FALL CARDS so this one is PERFECT to CASE for me! I’m so excited for you n’ Ashley and this collaboration! KNOW it will be a “dynamite duo”!! DEFINITELY will check out the class on your site! :-)). TFS n’ HAPPY STAMPIN’ n’ CREATIN’! Wishing you much success on this new endeavor! HUGS from Madison! 🙂

  9. Bonnie Braden

    Beautiful card!

  10. Marlene N

    Very pretty. Love the colors. 💕

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