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  1. GSMR Fan 1702

    How do u fix the glossy texture ?

  2. Leatherbark Productions

    Awesome job grant!

  3. Consolidation Productions

    No offense, but why the modern hoppers?

  4. Dat Allegheny Boi

    4:44 Spooky!

  5. TheBNSFengineer 1104

    Hope you get well soon man! I know what acid reflux can do to someone, I have it as well. I do enjoy these short laid back videos. And I look forward to seeing more great content from ya in the future!

  6. Greektastic

    oh hecc another amazin video-
    also feel better soon .w.

  7. LJL RailYard

    Cool locomotive

  8. Berkshire765

    Another fantastic video from u m8…keep it up👍

  9. Frisco 1522

    4:44 intresting

  10. Frisco 1522

    Here first

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