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  1. ayşenur

    she’s such an icon thank you sm for this!!! 🖤

  2. Sally Ma

    I loove to listen you 😍 so calm 😍

  3. Lisa Rose

    I really need to get my arse in gear and make time to watch Crazy Rich Asians!

  4. Merrye Syndrome

    Although you tend to present us more nude-pinkish shades for makeup, I would like to suggest Eva Green, my favourite actress and a style icon to me. She usually combines red lips with smokey eyes and still the result looks so natural and elegant to her. Check her out if you like.

  5. Sally O'Hara Sheader

    Do lily james please!

  6. abdul samad khan

    Yayyy I love your vedios💓

  7. gigixo


  8. emma metzler

    i’m so happy you did this video! gemma chan is my style icon (and biggest celebrity crush) 💕

  9. Gabriela Bernal

    I hope you can do a makeup bag for Jessica Chastain and Emilia Clark! I love them both sooo much

  10. Daphne Kaamiño


  11. Harman Padda

    I love this series, I adore Gemma Chan, and I am obsessed with your YouTube channel! Thank you for the amazing content. ❤️xx

  12. yx the weird

    Oh…I'm so, so happy you featured Gemma! She and I basically have the exact same skin tone (and ethnicity hah) so I can be very sure every color product that looks great on her is gonna work for me <3

    Love this series, the products you feature always look so dreamy

  13. gretchen

    I couldn’t guess this one, but she is beautiful! The Cle de peau concealer is also my fav and Cocoa Mirage is also my fav eyeshadow palette! ⭐️ xoxo 💖

  14. Ryuuucha

    ur videos are so therapeutic for me, theyre really calming and so easy on the eyes and ears, not to mention very informative! thanks alot for having woc in this series too!

  15. The Shortest Cake

    Don’t mind me… just checking that you truly reply to every comment 😉😂 love your videos!!

  16. Chief Bogo

    I don’t wear makeup, but I love watching your videos regardless

  17. Lauren-Sarah Ideson

    She's so gorgeous! So happy she's starting to get the recognition she deserves! I would love to see a video on Lily Collins makeup bag! Her makeup is always amazing and shes one of my favourite actresses!😊

  18. Bilge Derya

    İ am in love wiht this series 🧡🧡🧡 we wait for you Natalie Portman because she is a Quenn like you ❤️❤️❤️

  19. Sylvie Gaudet

    Ouuu very chic.

  20. Panda RBLX

    Could you do Camilla Mendez’s makeup bag next? By the way, she plays Veronica Lodge from Riverdale! Or you could do Lily Reinheart’s makeup bag too! I love both of them! Thank you for taking your time to read this too! 😂 And Thank you again just cuz xD

  21. Louise D-F

    SHe's so elegant! Love the lipsticks that she's using!

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