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  1. heart L̷e̷s̷s̷

    Sometimes u CAN'T control ur mind is so hard to socialize with people I can't talk to my family that live far away and I can't see them in person they only way to talk to them is by the phone when I used to live with all my family forever I didn't had any of these anxiety issues I was a happy kid that liked to play around all day outside but now I became more sad and lazy not wanting to do things well it's not that I'm lazy it's just so hard to do things normal people can do but anxiety is affected me in daily basis I can't video chat with my family anymore cuz of it it's just too hard I've been thinking about how I'm gonna react when they come to our place and if I'm gonna embarrass myself idk why I'm like this now it's so so so hard to explain how I feel or my thoughts I tried telling my mom about this but she said "ur the one who controls ur mind" Like no one understands what I feel, people ask me (why did u changed) and I just say eh puberty changed me I won't tell the truth because they're gonna think I'm weird and stupid if I say the truth I just really hate myself sometimes I wish I was never born.

  2. directfunebru

    "when having a panic attack: relax" 🤣

  3. Sam


  4. FlyingMonkies325

    yeh nah… i don't think anyone who make these videos understand what it's like… especially when negative behavior in our world these days is a common denominator and it's towards PEOPLE that we are anxious about which makes us associate everything with expected danger and someone starting something as as someone who's always targeted by bullies i'm never wrong either eventually no matter WHAT you do it will grind you down to this anxious state and there's nout u can do about it cos we affect each other with negative energy it's NOT just about "oh you think negatively" we're only responding to our environment and with our world because SUCH a negative environment these days with SO much darkness around us we feel it and we feel how the people in this world are feeling it's a lot more spiritual than "oh it's your thoughts" and anyone that denies it's not about each others energy doesn't understand life and who we are as humans.

    I'm sorry u were always "that cool kid" that thinks u never get bullied or negative behavior towards u and maybe ur parents taught u how to deal with these situations properly but most of us we were never taught how, ignorance is bliss won't eventually help u either when u one day wake up and realize how much control others have had over ur life, how much they held you back through negative behaviors and u get near the age of 30 and realize you haven't gotten anywhere then u try SO hard to make it out of that box you've been trapped in and out of square one STILL without much success THEN you'll know how it feels to associate everything with anxiety. Then when it's genetic problems like PCOS NO working out or diet plan will help you 😛 just some thoughts.

  5. Debashish Das

    No anxiety any more . Want to get back your free life ?
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  6. MR K

    Just become a sociopath

  7. Free Healing Videos

    Anxiety is hitting most people due to the frequencies of the planet going up… Peoples flight or fight responses are on high and this creates the central nervous system to be on overdrive.. Energetic healing might work really well for some of you and regular salt baths with help with the electrical impulse overload because our brains when on flight or fight puts out a massive surge of electrical impulses and this can cause the overload and brain fry after a big anxiety attack. So salt baths and then feet in the ground afterwards so you can ground the energy… Then add in a healing video for anxiety and do this for 21 days and see how much your body has changed.. So much love to you all ❤️

  8. Tita xo

    The only thing that has helped me is meeting my boyfriend who then I got a doctor and she put me on metropolol. It is a blood pressure medicine that slows down my heart rate so I freak out less and my mind is calmer.

  9. Oreos For Breakfast

    Ok, I need some help, and I'm hoping any of you would know what is wrong with me.
    I feel like I have severe anxiety, but I am not sure because I have never received help.
    I have panic attacks at least once every month about stupid things, cry at least twice a month, and I'm really self conscious. It's really hard to make friends, and I never have the courage to ask anyone basic questions. I get angry very easily and it's hard to maintain friendships. I usually have a feeling where I'm invisible and everyone would be better if I was gone. If I hear anyone laughing or talking in a rude tone to me, I cry. My feelings are really easily hurt.
    So, this is all that has been wrong so far, and I can't really tell what's happening.
    It would be appreciated if you take a guess at what is wrong.
    Thanks for taking your time to read my comment.

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  11. Luke Setser

    I’ve got this , if anyone is feeling bad txt me I’ll try my best to yak you through whatever it is ur going through (260) 750-5277

  12. Bojka Bojkaa

    I was good,i hate that im back at this shit i hatee it,be strong my friends

  13. BluSphinx

    I have anxiety and deppression. Every day I always sit alone thinking about things like death and loneliness. I can't stop thinking about it because my life was perfect back then. I don't want that to end but what if it continues forever, and my life is ruined. I want to have kids of my own. I want to see my children graduate, but who knows. Most likely I'll just be crying alone.

  14. AnnerTheNoob /

    I get nervous over everything then I start shaking and sometimes for no reason at all.

  15. Ary Filmz

    I'm just glad to know I'm not alone

  16. Maria Makinen

    Untruth about me. Fabricated lies.

  17. Risamas

    Im in that 2% – 9% . They tried giving me Lexapro that made me feel crazy. now i play videogames so I'm in control of something and my mind goes there instead of worries. It gets easier to control as I stabilize my money and weight but something always triggers it. Sometimes so bad I go into depression. I am putting this here for my fellow 9% to know you're not alone and there will be better days.

  18. Divya Drishti

    I hv anxiety disorder… Sometimes I start stammer even if I know what I'm gonna say.Suddenly everything get blank for me … I can't concentrate…these came bcz of my parents…whom I'm trying to avoid these days.They are always negative… Even I was attacked on my head by my father 2 times..I lost my career opportunities bcz of them… Nobody Blvd when I tried to tell them…So I stopped doing so.I smile …(try to)..carry confidence with me..but inside something tries to pull me down.says "ur not good enough"..I sometimes sleep all day…All these eating me up from inside…I feel like I'm deprived of love care and affection…It took a long to completely erase my parents from my brain …They always try to say negative things …forbids if I want to study more… instead they want me to bring home money.Im losing myself inside… Surely I'll be gone if this continues.

  19. muusakii Soku

    His voice made me so anxious ew I feel so uncomfortable idk why

  20. Wellia

    Very nicely done video. Here's another, quick explanation of anxiety https://youtu.be/f1QZAX0yKVo


    Stress brings it on.

  22. Tuesday's Taco

    I strongly believe that I have an anxeity disorder but I feel as if I cannot get any medical help becuase my dad just doesn't believe in anything like that.. what do I do?

  23. Zack Tankesly

    Phrases like "replace your negative thoughts with your positive ones" and "take control of your thoughts" don't help anyone with actual anxiety. If we could do that as easily as you make it sound we wouldn't have anxiety.

  24. I I

    The audio quality is bad.

  25. tom shep

    3:22 A psychologist than a psychiatrist one would prefer…

  26. Get Noscoped

    but what do i write ? the worries? or the things happening
    im so confused

  27. Sam

    He said 2-5% as been common? That's not common at all! Dating somebody shoots my anxiety through the roof! Even if its like the 5th date!

  28. Shqiprim lulaj

    The biggest mistake of my life was that I met with psychiatrist for my little anxiety and he prescribed Wellbutrin and made my anxiety 20 times worse I lost my job I became disabled than I had to stop it and I took Ativan 3 months and Finally I decided to go free medication I didn’t take anything since January 1st.. still on disability trying to cure myself naturally..

  29. 4NN0N1M0U5

    I need cure

  30. Charlie And Jack Fishing

    😊 Thank you! This helped me a lot

  31. maxim maxim

    Winner of a video, I been tryin to find out about "natural ways to beat anxiety and depression" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Hanincoln Nanlivia Framework – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my cousin got great success with it.

  32. Ruby Matrix321

    I’ve had a constant anxiety of death due to the question of what is it like
    My thought process is:
    Can I live forever before I die
    I don’t wanna die
    I need to talk to someone otherwise I’ll break down
    God can I live forever?
    When will I not be sad
    (I usually fall asleep by now)
    I hope I live long
    F it I’ll live to my max
    But what is it like?
    F it imma forget
    (If I’m still awake I watch something till I pass out and sleep)

    Also whoever liked it
    U suck

  33. Santi Cheeks

    I am going to do CPR on a doll infront of everybody so im watching this video to help

  34. Ali B

    My GAD probably had something to do with being age 1 to 5 in a warzone… air raid sirens, rubble, and all… it's a pain in the ass.

  35. Heart of Oak

    Nobody cares if your first second or fifth, pay attention to the subject.

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