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  1. Gayatri Yoga Channel

    Dear soon to be mommy! As you do this class please listen to your body and modify. There are mostly pretty basic moves. In twists or forward folds, think about elongating the spine and not squeezing your belly, just finding some mobility and space in your back muscles. We are all different, different bodies, different fitness level before pregnancy, etc. Please think about your baby's safety first. All women go through pregnancy and carry differently, different sensations from the same moves. This class is a guide to what might feel good and relieve your tension, pain and discomfort. But unfortunately it's not a magic pill that is one fit for all. If it doesnt work for you, it's absolutely fine, your own comfort and baby's safety comes first! If something is not accessible to you or you think will not be safe for any reason, just skip, do what feels good. I wish you the best, namaste!

  2. Paolo Stefano


  3. Kuzhy811

    Not with child but this was exactly what I needed. Thank you <3

  4. Blä


  5. Viktor Matskevich


  6. Viktor Matskevich


  7. Sarah Fitch

    Thank you! Lovely class!

  8. Rachel

    Thank you for sharing this class! It's really helped with my back pain and is quite relaxing.

  9. Nina Beste - Holistic Living

    I really enjoyed this class! Thanks for sharing it, I subscribed to your channel and hope you will share more pregnancy yoga videos 🙂

  10. Rachael Siddall

    Boring 😣

  11. Holistically Lizzie

    Loved this class. It pushed me to just the right level. I feel so much calmer and my back pain has eased off. Thank you 🙏🏻

  12. Sasha Bjork-Mayer

    Hi, Kristina! I just discovered this video and it is absolutely amazing! It has every pose that felt so good to my aching, stiff 21 week body, and the simple visual, music, and your lovely voice are all so inspiring and calmng! I can’t thank you enough for this gift, I look forward to starting my every day with this! 🙏🏼

  13. waller mcinnes

    Love this – so regenerating for the back! I wonder if the twist in the end is too intense? I don't know why twists are typically contraindicated… I kept top leg bent, it seems safer. Also — is there a reason for Savasana on the right side? Thanks this is a great practice I will revisit. X

  14. Horri Nacira

    Thank u so much 😘 amazing yoga class 😍 I feel comfortable after doing these exercises 🤗 that was exactly what I needed thank u again

  15. Yana Afanasyeva

    Amazing yoga class! thank you so much!

  16. Tracie Alexandra

    This was incredibly helpful! Thank you!

  17. malak baguthian

    Oh, thank you. How are you and your baby doing?

  18. pebbleskillasheep

    That class! That channel! Thank you so much for giving us the chance to heal ourselves for free <3

  19. Alexa Lynch

    Hey Kristina! Thank you so much for supplying a lovely free class on youtube. My back definitely feels more moveable and pliable after your class! I am 28 weeks pregnant and found I could do most things in this class however was unable to do some of the moves. I would also love a few more modifications, as you are quite flexible and can get into positions I am unable to, so it would be nice to know what to do if I just cannot get into the position you are demonstrating 😀 Thank you!

  20. Shamsa

    Thank you so much this was exactly what I needed!

  21. Полина Выжимова

    it's a good class, thanks! but , I'm 39-40 weeks pregnant and it was a little bit challenging. The last twist exersises, my belly just didn't allow to do it. Also the low lunches was difficult to do.

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