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  1. The Yoga Ranger Studio with Aprille Walker

    Back pain…it's something most of us have encountered in our lives either from jobs, living style, injuries. Often along with pain comes tightening and clenching of the muscles around the painful area in an attempt to protect it. This, in turn causes more pain and so on. This class is about releasing that tension, making room for the back and hips to open and relieve some of the pain. Relax, restore, and may you feel better! Namaste, Aprille

  2. Eli Ort

    Apart from my knees, that are hurting me cos of arthrosis, i have some backpain cos of my job where i walk for houers per day. Im a nurse. Its my upper and lower back. I would like to learn some poses for that. Thank you Aprille❤️

  3. Eli Ort

    Beautiful 🌹

  4. Laetitia Grammatico

    I've been walking around with pain in my lower back for a week, I did this practice last night and when I woke up this morning I had regained more movement than I had all week. Thank you.

  5. BILL Longtin

    Yesterday I spend the day harvesting red russian garlic and this restorative yoga for lower back was what I needed to release the tension in my lower back. I am feel relaxed in my lower back and hips.

    Thanks so much !


  6. Denissayang

    Hi April, please make yin / restorative session for SI joint

  7. Belinda Prince

    Lovely practice thank you Aprille! Namaste 💛

  8. DollyWilde

    What a lovely gift. Thank you for your nurture.

  9. BILL Longtin

    Hi, Aprille

    Great restorative for lower back pain. I really enjoyed doing the reclining hero pose and I was able to massage my feet at the same time. Three months ago I was not able to do this reclining hero pose but since I have been doing your yin yoga classes, I have more mobility in my shoulders, hips, and back. Thanks again for your beautiful restorative and yin yoga classes.
    Are you going to have a restorative class for neck and shoulders?

    Happy New Year to you and your family!


  10. Maria Alvarez

    Feels so good 😊! now My stubborn, right piriformis is really happy and relax , 😅 ! Thanks for another heavenly video.. peace love Namaste 🙏

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