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  1. Kathie Elia

    Nah, they say hawking here too or hawking up a loogie (gross).

  2. Kathie Elia

    Dang rude! to surprise someone unannounced.

  3. celestine811

    Yes they have multiple Beans but they have no Green Beans in a Tin for dinner .. LOL !! Yes i agree it's very rude to just turn up at someones house and expect to be invited in … Always phone first ! Buy less Candles and then you will be able to afford an uba to take you to the Dentist . Thank you Nice one 1975 ! 😉

  4. Sharon S

    Lol you crack me up with your faces 😂. I loved that video from the other day when Beth was in the room listening to you do the reaction!! Your smiling at her was adorable 😊

  5. Nessa L

    I 100% agree that it is super rude to just show up at someone's house without calling first.

  6. Daisy Duke

    Does anyone know why Erk isn't working? Now he has a drivers license, Sooo…

  7. Olivia Love Worthy

    Watch out for the Sharpies, man…

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