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  1. Haley HB Pencil

    I need Rickie's sunglasses they are bomb

  2. Potty Mouth Penguin

    Why are you so mean and critical of Ricky? He shows you unconditional love, and you're not very nice to him. You're lucky to have someone so in love and tolerant of you. Not many men would put up with your arrogant style. I'm not a hater, you guys are great….it's just sad.

  3. yorokopi1

    Since you mention you got GERD try a FODMAP diet. Though a FODMAP diet helps individuals with IBS it can also work good for helping with GERD as the carbs and such to avoid are the same. It's a bit of a long process since you're cutting out foods for a while than reintroducing them and finally modifying what you eat; but it may give you some relief.

    Also I like your pusheen onesie and romper.

  4. Mandi W

    I'm from Kentucky my dad used the word hockey to mean shit lol

  5. Danise Smith

    What happened to the new microphone?

  6. Queen Mary Novel writing

    I love your blue kitchen.

  7. Goo gle

    Those lamps catch fire. Dont use it. Many issues with them. The plastic heats up and burns

  8. Imperfect lives

    Looks yummy

  9. AudiA8Girl German

    Throwing shade at the Beast…."always dirty dishes in this house, what else is new ?" 5:08

  10. SavageAF2U

    You two seem to be doing GREAT. Your videos are very happy and that cat romper was so cute!

  11. Holly Cline

    Eric, you should download the application "Lyft" it's like Uber but cheaper.

  12. Cathy Brown

    Erik if you want 100,000 subscribers and 50,000 views . Kick her ass out. We all know that Becky’s mom has breast cancer and Becky had to take her mom for surgery that was when amber was alone and amber was a total dick. Erik I have sons your age, they go to work everyday day. Sweetie get your shit together get a job, car, insurance. Erik I am a mama, please make your mama proud. Grow up and kick her ass out.

  13. Terri Hendricks

    Make your roomates get off her behind and clean up it's not like she's doing anything else.

  14. Angie LupusLife


  15. kara moats

    Everyone needs a Ricky on their side in life! Eric your still excelling in the year of Eric 2019!

  16. Matthew Garsha

    Hold up, did he say "I needs to get that D?" or done? 7:24

  17. Ariel S

    I love your Pusheen onesie!!

  18. Sunshine A

    Your dinner looks delish

  19. stephenie welch

    Jesus. You have more ads than amber

  20. greentypeoftube

    Burn that fuckin romper, dude.

  21. Gee Nu

    Even though I have left mean comments in the past, I can genuinely say the Eric has stepped up his game. He’s driving wowwwwww. Such an improvement

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