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  1. jaseera 21

    Thank you mam

  2. Sreeja V.S


  3. Sreeja V.S

    Thanks mam

  4. Shamiya Hussain

    I repeated with the demo.. it’s really gives a kind of peace to the mind .. and felt relaxed..👍👍

  5. Shadiya Ansar

    Thanks… Dr..

  6. Sarat KG

    Migranil works for me . I dont know if it will destroy my kidney

  7. Shayan Mohammed


  8. Bindu Madhavan

    Many are suffering from migraine

  9. Suraja Harilal

    Great effort Dr.Seetha,,,Thank you so much ,,,,,,it will be very helpful to patients,,,that too without expenses & side effects of medicine s,,,,,, keep going,,God Bless you

  10. Sheela Josy

    Useful video. will try it out.


    Good and informative video.

  12. Subin B S Chickle


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