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  1. Crohns Disease

    After work out i Wake UP with New pains everyday

  2. Nick G

    Some instructors say not to crank your head back.

  3. Calvin Cooley

    Imagine pulling shoulders towards the butt crack. Works every time.

  4. william smith

    When I do any chest exercise all I feel is my right side working. I can squeeze and contract it like crazy. My left though has 0 mind muscle connection all I feel is my shoulders burning. What do I do

  5. Brwana Sarkal

    I have sliding and pain in L 4 & L 5 how to fix it please?

  6. Anneverzel

    thank you!!

  7. Sid Dwivedi

    Thx Sal. A couple of questions.

    1. Should the quads and core be engaged ?

    2. Is there a difference of feeling in the physic ball compared to the floor?

    By the way, you posted this move while doing it on the ground on YouTube in the past – thx for motivating me to get a physio ball so I can compare the moves.

  8. ADub23Super

    Awesome video Sal, thanks! Should I squeeze my abs and glutes to prevent lumbar extension or does that not matter?

  9. Jay Michaels

    Thanks for the vid Sal! Love all the content you guys create here at mindpump

  10. Mathew Frost

    What am i doing wrong if my lower back seems to be fatiguing and aching during this exercise?

  11. BSkeptical


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