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  1. Kimberly Ruiz

    You guys are funny & cute together 😄 Might need to try acupuncture one day cause I get migraines all the time 😭

  2. Evelyn Aguilera

    i came across your YouTube channel and i have to say, you're very informative. I really enjoy watching your videos. I wanted to ask if you have eyelash extensions? if you have it where do you go?

  3. AllDolldUp69

    Y’all are so cute

  4. Yvette Cruz

    Who was the little boy?

  5. Wendy Beato

    You and BF are soo cute!!! Love your vlogs!!!!

  6. Karen Uquillas

    What lip gloss age you wearing in the beginning of your vlog?

  7. Karen Uquillas

    Love your vlogs especially the long ones lol

  8. Shanice Ortiz

    where are your prescription glasses from towards the end of the video ?

  9. Daisy Banda

    Lmao! U and Chris are too funny

  10. Deissydl

    Hahah your mood reminds me on how i act too hahah

  11. Joselyn Fuentes

    LMFAO I died when he said you’ll be that customer they look at before closing … I love when he makes fun of you, your reactions are hilarious!! Love you guys!❤️

  12. Guadalupe Martinez

    Do you think you can link your coat I love it so much

  13. Eileen Emily Beauty

    Loving you and Chris being together in the vlogs. You guys crack me up. Reminds me so much of me and my hunny. I need to try the new coke I just went to the stores today and totally forgot to see if they have them. You got us hooked on kombucha lol even my hunny is drinking it too. I feel like I sleep better. Acupuncture is so good I love it. Much love🙏🏽💋esta bueno😜

  14. Amira L

    Melissa’s man-$5 kombucha? You are worth SO much more!!
    My man- $5 kombucha?!!!! Stop wasting money!!! No drink needs to cost that much! You can’t spend that much everyday!! Ewwww WTH is this it’s nasty even!


  15. Yessenia Inoa

    Melissa: vamono we gotta go to costco before they close

    Also melissa: why did you take off, i wanted to show you something 😂😂

  16. Mariel Casimiro

    “Eto ta bueno” 🤣🤣🤣

  17. Ashley Ashley

    I love you and Chris together! Y’all crack me up 😂 also, I love y’alls jersey accent lol

  18. Angie Paulino

    Lmaooo Chris is hilarious love him in your vlogs. I was dead with him & the coke can dique “I’m about to change ur life” 😂

  19. Victoria N.

    Lmfaoo Chris is to funny

  20. liz ramirez

    "Gotta hide my tatas!" 😂😂😂 Chris is hilarious! Love you guys ❤

  21. Itzel. T.

    I’m deaddddd🤣 “yo you mad cheap, 5 dolla items and kombucha”

  22. Cindy Reyes

    You were right in my town for acupuncture 😭😭😭😭 going there and definitely telling them you sent me!

  23. Dee Luther

    Such a Great VideO As AlwayS
    Your Beautiful Self
    Makeup is FuckinG Popping
    Hope you HavE a BleSS WeeK

  24. Cindi B.

    This was such a great video of you and Chris! I was laughing so hard, I was crying when you were in the car talking about last minute shoppers. You made me start looking into acupuncture. Your videos are so good because your so down to earth and real about how you feel. Keep up the great work! XOXO

  25. p love

    Everytime i see kambucha at safeway i think of you and i want to try it lol but im scared! Lol!! Anyways love u & ur vlogs 😘💞

  26. Brownies71

    Another amazing vlog! 💕💕💕Great to see Chris I think he is hilarious his Tah Tahs 😂😂. I hate to be hangry and my food takes forever. 😂😂

  27. Arlene A.

    Another great vlog Melissa! I love seeing Chris being more involved in vlogs. Whaddupthou! 😂 Never get tired of that!
    Thanks for sharing your experience with acupuncture. How did it feel having so many needles? Tbh I’m scared of needles but I’m very curious in the healing process. I saw a documentary on Netflix called HEAL, and I think it’s something you might enjoy. It’s about how healing is more than taking medicine/ pills. If you watch it, I would love to know your thoughts on it. My husband is a huge skeptic but he enjoyed the documentary. 😊

  28. Kazandra Ramos

    Omg thank you for sharing!! I live Bayonne and had NO IDEA!! 🥰🥰 Will def check them out!!

  29. Danielle DiLorenzo

    when you eat spanish food do you stay vegan? like at the restaurant, what are some spanish dishes that are plant based ? love your vlogs and vids xx

  30. Shelby Hoffmann

    I’m obsessed

  31. Tracy Kennedy

    Love your vlogs and Chris being in them too adds something more! It’s nice to see you both together. Ta tas lol you both are so cute ❤️

  32. WinterBby M

    Girl, I’m definitely hitting up the Bayonne location. I have suffered from chronic migraines for years.

  33. katie bradshaw

    whos little baby??

  34. Maryam Nissan

    Chris being skeptical with the smoothie is exactly like my boyfriend with anything healthy too 😂😂

  35. Crissi Davis

    Do y’all not live together anymore ?

  36. Julie M

    … shopping list… orange vanilla coke✔✔✔

  37. Andrea Duran

    Is acupuncture good for lower back pain??? I’m desperate at this point 😫

  38. Ana Wingy

    Ya are so cute and Chris is to funny😂

  39. Saori Naomi

    ❤️❤️❤️ love your vlogs girl

  40. Dawn Victoria

    You are beautiful 💕 I look forward to your videos

  41. Jessica Fernandez

    Love this video. You & Chris are hilarious, he was so excited about those products

  42. Lisa Rivera

    I'm a newbie, why do you go back and forth to Maryland/NJ?😙🎀

  43. Criistal Perez

    Yay 😀!!!

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