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  1. Flat Tummy

    Thanks for all your comments and your great support!
    I have a Free ebook for you guys the link is above.

  2. Mark Bates

    Question: Can you put the lemon and ginger in the juicer rather than grating and chopping?

  3. SanguineUltima

    How did you make the ginger juice?

  4. Geovanni Garreck

    This is my all time favorite combination for overall health good stuff!

  5. Farrah Boulden

    Hi I'm just starting on weight loss and wonder if you have some beginner's tips to help me jump start my weight loss, thank you in advance.

  6. Shai Wilde

    Did you juice the ginger?

  7. Shai Wilde

    why haven't i thought of this I love lemon and ginger ! thanks for this video

  8. Sigita Strike

    Definitely will try this one. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  9. Iseekoutthetruth

    what kind of water are you using?

  10. gregcamas

    I missed what you did with the ginger: cook or crush it?

  11. Raging Bull

    Whassup with the ginger juice bro ?

  12. Juliette Purdy

    How did you strain the ginger and get such a large amount of juice?

  13. Alicia Gonzalez

    How many times a day do I drink?

  14. marvie marquez

    i always drink that coz of my cough and I dnt measure it just I boiled ginger then after I add squeeze lemon and honey and

  15. Alicia Knight

    Mint leaves would taste good with it just a suggestion

  16. Isimhemhe oboh

    Do i drink it hot all the time?

  17. Priya Singh

    kitne din me wait loose hota h

  18. Carol Schultz

    Can't hear you speaking but can really hear when you slam things on the counter.

  19. Stacy Serrano

    Awesome channel

  20. Taylor Royalty

    Does it matter what ginger you use

  21. Laverne Williams

    ginger pills better

  22. Melissa A

    Poor audio

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