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  1. Hailee Houston

    0:31 how are you supposed to get your nail polish open and put lip balm on it if you can’t get it open

  2. Edah Suherti

    Halo sobat

  3. Shobana Preethi

    Who is more interested in the comments than the video?👍

  4. Vanessa

    Français ?

  5. Fifi Khoiriyah




  7. Priti Sanju

    My favorite YouTube channel and new video please send

  8. Butik Fashion Oyku

    I like this hack!!😁😁

  9. Momita Hossen

    Hurray ..October month has came ….I am really excited ..😚😚

    My birthday🎂🎉🎉🎊🎊 ..but not today ..after 22 days ..😂😅🤣

  10. kosan dll

    This is so God I love you 5 minute crafts

  11. Ajmal Khan

    Ab ladkiya acche se make up karengi

  12. Meena Pokhrel

    This is very to do but in see not hard

  13. ultimate tutorials

    cheee idi antha trash

  14. Prianka Chowdhury

    you guys have more talent then scientist Galileo Galili

  15. amitesh shukla

    Very good luck video with the new posting goo

  16. md maksud

    Hi..I'm Nusrat…and Thanks…… 😍😍😍😍😍

  17. banana ooyu

    11:53 that fit so well how-

  18. Аркадий Мгдсян

    мое оригинальное видео по этой ссылке!

  19. sine curis

    you random dude who is scrolling down the comments
    have a good day 🙂

  20. Mia Miu

    Miinta bu mi l

  21. Aishwarya Sahu

    Luv form INDIA 🇳🇪

  22. Jana Bakešova


  23. Nadia Tanase

    It s so good!

  24. Amelia Rahman


  25. Satisfied Orange

    Eeeeee, super cool, my friend!

  26. özüm alya gürel

    Güzel gibi zaten guzel

  27. Raghu K

    That new girl looks quite prettt

  28. Geetika Gia

    Love your videos 💜💜💜

    P.s. I am also a youtuber, wish me good luck 💜💜💜

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