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  1. Robert Randall

    New YAP vid! The 5 Girls You Meet in High School! https://youtu.be/928_l36uhG0

  2. Amber Wood

    The guy in the red jacket had the worst acting in the fight

  3. midnightxxlove procter

    my ship has sild xx

  4. Moniqueee U_

    This is the story of Lara Jean and her first boyfriend

  5. Meg Emeli Nornoo

    He's gorgeous! 😍

  6. GerDarius Miller

    Love it

  7. Semmy Ade

    I have a crush and I really like him. 40 likes and I will tell him 😁

  8. Leah Andersen

    My favorite GWAP. all the way. :$

  9. Frosted Corn Flakes

    "do you have plays in football? Same thing."

  10. Gabrielle Cochran

    I like a boy and he likes me if I get to 20 likes I will tell him but so you guys no I'm terrified to tell him so yeah

  11. Kira Madan'aba


  12. Caitlin Reyes

    "I'm not mean!"
    …I beg to differ

  13. Azul Blu

    The genderbent Beauty and the Beast

  14. Tilde Bigum

    And this is how you made presentations before powerpoint

  15. Lupie Momma

    The kissing sound was soooo juicy!

  16. SS Personal Gmail

    You’re not going

  17. asmr ch

    Lol the girl is the beast

  18. Nethara Fernando

    Been watching these for so long and I still love them soooo much 💖has a place in my heart now

  19. Cherry Blossom


  20. Hannah Krug

    I Love the girl without a phone short films! But didnt she actually have a phone in this video? Maybe I'm getting this wrong, I dunno

  21. Courtney Elizabeth

    this video is the cutest thing ever oh my god

  22. Seafoam green girl 2

    Nikki is a certain word I will not say

  23. my_life Love

    WTF!? she is the beast!? He is the beast for treating her horribly!!!! Go live in a well dude!!!

  24. Marley Ansted

    When Christopher said “thhhhh” I felt that

  25. Alyssa Perez

    I love it so much. Lol ❤❤

  26. IRIS pineapple

    Dose this video remind you of to all of the boys I've loved before -)

  27. kwiix

    i like his characters confidence. It makes me happy. y? idk.

  28. emo blob

    omg theyre sooo cute i can't

  29. Dani Batawi

    Steve you beautiful basterd🤣👌🏼😂 2:20

  30. Storri Bain

    who didn’t have a phone i am so confused

  31. Thats the Tea sis

    They honestly have the best chemistry out of this whole series

  32. Liliana Mendoza

    Why is the title a girl without a phone When she has a phone

  33. Ashannie Is so cute

    Niki looks like a mango

  34. anxious blowbacks

    Tbh she is kinda annoying

  35. Lizthereza Maliti

    I love the song played behind😣❤❤. anyone who agrees?

  36. Durp Huh


    Please like this took 10 hours 😣

  37. keniya Sutherland

    I like this story


    I have watched this almost 200 times
    😘😘😘Love you Paige
    Their story cannot be more perfect ❤️

  39. my_life Love

    It's what ya deserve. Your so mean to people. That's why ya get rejected. Maybe freshen up your act

  40. k hr

    Am i the only one who think this is a bit like to all the boys i loved before?

  41. Zaynah Kauser

    2:53 over a week ago week ago

  42. •• double ••

    Fricken Cassidy

  43. •• double ••

    This is my favorite girl without a phone💜💜

  44. Clairecita L.

    By far the girl without a phone that I liked the most.

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