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  1. Cristina Navarrete Varela

    Meanwhile in the future, Baekhyun making jokes about being "sensitive with that topic" on Knowing Brothers and singing about having one night stands on Village hill. Of course he will turn out like that, just like Jonghyun or Jongin, they are forced to be playboys and keep their mouths and hearts shut. Poor Taeyon didnt see that coming and had to face the haters alone, but even when Baek is a sweet and caring person he was trap by being a rookie under SM. There´s only one man in the whole world who gave up everything for love and that man is taken by Hyuna, God bless Edawn I salute you, you are one brave motherfucker.

  2. 7A

    MORE Vitamin D from sunshine. NO studio tans.

  3. Seeker KC

    People can be so fucking horrible.

  4. Erika

    If youre an anti-fan, sasaeng, or an angry netizen looking to jump on someone, i want you to know that youre an evil disgusting person and you should be ashamed of yourself. Idols are human beings, with real emotions, that deserve to be heard, supported and loved. And yes they deserve to date and fall in love no matter how badly that hinders your pathetic lil fantasies. Theyre not your play thing and you dont own them. Get a life.

  5. Θεοδώρα Μ

    I was thinking how Baekhyun must have felt, being unable to protect his lover from all this pain and hate… It must tore him apart watching her suffering… She is still an open wound for him since their relationship didn't end naturally. When they are in the same place, he still steals glances at her with Chen guarding for watchers, when they think there are no cameras focusing on them. But now the damage is done. Congratulations "EXO-Ls", I guess we really are the worst fandom…….

  6. Vi

    People are assholes

  7. Samantha Johnson

    I feel so bad for taeyeon I cried when I think about what she went through . It really hurts me hear all those comments about her about being the reason of why Jessica left the group . People know nothing about her and why do they have to do that I understand that they are hurt but do they really have to give it all on taeyeon . I just hope it will all end someday and taeyeon will ba happy again . We will root for you taeyeon . Fighting !❤️❤️❤️

  8. Silent Lone

    Who got time machine? I wanna go back there to give a piece of my mind to the antis and haters and exols too.
    I'll say fuk u, bich! She is human too. And you bich are not even human to not consider her feeling. You bich, are hypocrites, bunch of liars, fuking stupid beings and all mindless+brainless beings dat shuld just stay mute and blind. One day karma will got you too, if not you your descendants will. TRUST KARMA BICHES.
    There so much more i want to say, but thats the highlight point of my speech. I'll write the full speech if someone ask me too.

  9. On the move

    Well when you're an evil, disgusting racist like her, it tends to take a toll on your mental health. And you're a liar. She never apologized for the Wiz situation and was rude and disrespectful.


    SNSD voted Jessica out of the group? 1st of all aren’t they just employees and 2nd I don’t think SM would let them do that. And if Jessica wasn’t committing to snsd and was doing other things, isn’t it fair she left?

  11. Romyromiii

    I get really fed up with korean society, so demanding and biased, always asking the idols for something, cmon they are just people! They have a life and feelings, and you are always making controversies about everything sometimes I feel this is just ridiculous!

  12. Atikah Azman

    Those haters are trash , they dont even have a life of their own! I STAN QUEEN!!!

  13. Summer Wilkins

    I cried so much at this video 😭

  14. Dawn

    she didnt deserve ANY of the hate she got, she didnt have to apologise for anything (apart from the car crash) i hope she gets help and rests bc she needs to be supported

  15. Jae Here

    I feel like I was suffocating, Watching this. I had to fight back tears cause Im at work and they can't catch me .-. This shit was suffocating af. Tae <3

  16. Sushitrash

    In my opinion Jessica should’ve just left in peace and shouldn’t have said anything lol id be annoyed if I was one of the members too like you’re either fully in this or you’re not

  17. Sushitrash

    Taeyeon posted on her story a few weeks ago that she’s getting treatment for her depression rn I really hope she gets better I can’t handle losing another shining star just bc people threw their depression under the rug

  18. Rachel B

    She's when through hell 🙁 I pray for Taeyeon and all the mental battle she has to face day in and out <3 she is strong and beautiful and courageous.

  19. Clover Lane

    Lol dem haters and their double-standard are horribly disgusting. They should be banned forever from using internet for whatsoever.

  20. Hyo-Sonn Jeon

    What is wrong with Netizens. Why are they so cruel and brutal? What happened to them? Korean fans are such crazy, retarded, delusional fans. They shouldn’t even call themselves fans.

  21. Stephanie Ratsachak

    Asians don’t believe in mental health or being medicated for it. It’s extremely sad and the loneliness is unbearable. I was rarely told “I love you”. Or even given much hugs growing up. It’s more like “you should already know” kind of family relationships.

  22. Sakura Jammiey

    She suffer a lot. Hope someone can make her happy one fine day.

  23. Bella M

    Umm… I'd just like to clarify the situation with Siwon's dog because although he was forgiven by the family of the lady he was never really "forgiven" by society. A simple search of any Korean article regarding his name and netizens are still mention his dog and how he still needs to be punished in their eyes. He has not been forgiven by the public so theres not really a situation for "hypocrisy" he is STILL getting alot of hate, even to this day. And the lady died from sepsis, which is important to mention since its a important reason why she died. It was her body's response to the dog bite that killed her not just the dog bite alone. So please try to include details next time so people can be well informed because when people don't know the details thats when big misunderstandings happen and people get needless hate. Thanks.

  24. Ñøthīñg lāsts førēvèr

    19:10 the most lovely voice you'll ever hear

  25. ByeBitch 《

    Too many ads

  26. Puspita

    People don't like when you tell them that you maybe depressed. And they treating depresion like it was a myth. But we all know It's real, it's happen to all. Have a day people. Treat people like you want to be treated. Be real.

  27. Oof J

    no but yall have to admit that she sincerely had bad moments at times. like her depression sometimes shouldnt have been used an excuse for her actions. I HOPE SHES DOING WELL THOUGH ❤️

  28. Chiara Vallini

    This is the dark side of Kpop. In Korea idols are really under so much pressure. And netizens can be crazy

  29. Dubu Dahyun

    What really makes me laugh is that she didn’t even do anything wrong to begin with. She wasn’t smiling on TV? She dated Baekhyun? Wow, some crime.

  30. Krystal Chi

    7:13 the peaks of her breaksdown. Are u happy now people?!!

    Im in tears…😭😭😭😭

  31. Tameilau 18

    she doesn't look fat at all

    i'm fatter then her and people call me skinny

    It's either she did gain weight or people are just blind

  32. Paula kreinberg

    netizen trolls need to get a life and let their stans live theirs.

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