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  1. Aria Jade

    They said no more plastic bags! I liked the newer ones (neon) though lol.

  2. Barbara McDonald

    Feel better! I'm sorry to hear you suffer from Migraines, that is such a wretched thing to bear. Best wishes💖

  3. bug_mine

    Those samples were a nice size. I suddenly started getting migraines last year. I didn't know what the heck was wrong. My daughter-in-law mentioned that her daith piercing worked wonders for her so I did it as well. It is fantastic.

  4. Hound Dog Hollow

    Cool box😊

  5. Dawn Osselaer

    You always get your box way earlier than I do. I have plenty of those plastic bags. I am glad for the box too

  6. WC foreva

    Thank goodness!

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