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  1. الجواهرجية The jeweller

    I wish I live with you 😅

  2. Manisha Prajapat

    Can this be cooked in kettle like the way we make upma?

  3. Lile Art&Craft

    Great share

  4. Mrityunjay Singh

    Mam, I'm student residing in Delhi who doesn't have grinding machine. Can I make easy and healthy recipies like Dosa/idli using flour. I do have ragi, bajra, wheat, rice flour with me. Please reply.

  5. Ecstatic Year

    what is ajwain

  6. Pramila chaudhary

    Pls share how to make potli.


    Mam please tell some items name's in telugu

  8. monika khatri

    Thank u so much mam for all your gluten free dishes. All dishes help my daughter. She is type 1 diabetic and has celiac disease

  9. Shalini Chourasia


  10. Swiss Indian Yogi

    Oh, cheriya ulli! All the best for the uplifting page dear Chechi-😃😃-I am also posting some interesting videos from Switzerland, please have a look on my page also beautiful souls.  😃 🙋‍♂️ 🍫🏔☃️❄️

  11. Saurav Kaila

    Heyy MOM , yes , I wrote it right , MOM. U r not only a mom for your kids but trust me u r a mom for us "youth" as well as you share such great and healthy recipes.I am a gym going guy from North India , and I so love your healthy recipes. Also , you are a saviour , I used to order gym food from all those fit food kinda outlets. Since I've subscribed your channel I cook it myself and also , I've realised that am a good cook :). Just a small question , any idea how can we plant moringa tree in North India as am in love with that. And once again MOM , thank u so so so much for creating this healthy environment. Much love , pairipaina (touching your feet). 🙏😊😍

  12. Kosar Zaheer

    Makki ki roti weight loss krta hai

  13. Viji Amali

    Really super Ma'am…….

  14. Asiya Qureshi

    Is this also good for diabetics?

  15. Sravanthi's healthy lifestyle

    Healthy recipe mam

  16. Lakshmi Kancharla

    Mam is yellow corn flour good for thyroid?

  17. Neethu Das

    Is it Corn flour ??

  18. Afsha Roohi

    Super mam 😍

  19. Evelyn Antonyraj

    Very healthy recipe. Thanks for sharing

  20. swati kashyp

    Nice mam


    Thank you mam……easy as well as healthy mam please give some recipe of pickles

  22. Weight Loss Transformation

    It's very amazing video

  23. Bharathi Mohan

    Mam I have thyroid and gout problem. Will my uric acid level goes up when consuming this roti.
    Please guide me.
    Expecting your reply.

  24. Lalitha Hariharn

    Corn doesn't add weight mam?

  25. The secret ingredients

    Hi dear… It would be great if you share the recipe of Chyawanprash. I'm eagerly waiting for this recipe from you.

  26. Kach The Secret Of Home Treatment


  27. Ruby Kamal

    Can i have this for dinner ma'am??

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