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    What did she do wrong?

  2. Nisa Tsniya


  3. Gurpreet Sudan


  4. Ally Garza

    No Sephora :-((((

  5. 3tmelo

    Ah. I know her from Kingbach

  6. ElricWilliam


  7. ElricWilliam


  8. Christine K

    Sephora really f'd up casting her.

  9. Aayuska Ghimire

    That’s 👀 🔥😍💗

  10. sarita si

    WTF was that? supposed to be a commercial?

  11. Deezie X

    This was really bad.

  12. Lynette La Roche-Cervantes

    This was Adorable! And she’s gorgeous!💕

  13. Nancy Brennan

    Sephora… Is this a joke? Some kind of corny commercial you got a hold of? It's not even a product worth presenting.

  14. Ana Karen

    Yeah I’m not buying something from her knowing what she’s done and is, na NEXT

  15. Jenn Glow


  16. purpleblue118

    First of all the lip balm you reformulated is actually TRASH. I ordered it not knowing it was reformulated and I am soooooo dissapointed. The old formula was moisturizing and left the lips with a nice, matte sheen. Perfect under lip colour. This new formula? GREASY mess! It melts with even the slightest heat (I don't live in the tropics) and leaves a weird filmy feeling on my lips. I won't even be trying the new treatment because of how off putting this new formula for the balm was. I swear to god if you guys ever reformulate the lip mask, I will scream so loud they hear me on saturn!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I'm all for a vegan formula, but maybe you should spend your R&D on developing a synthetic lanolin so your products can actually be better than the rest of the oily ass balms out there!

  17. david


  18. Bersis Richardson


  19. Tiff Aviles

    Purchased this collection a few weeks ago and does nothing for me 😩😩. Anyone have tips? Considering making my own scrub

  20. Femme Futile

    That was funny!

  21. Sayruh Kama

    She’s the all around worst. Please don’t.

  22. Tamiko Wheeler


  23. Creighton Chaney 1941

    If I was her guy, I'd be saying, "please say that," when she says moist 💋💖

  24. Emily Beans

    LMAOOO oookkaaaaay….
    Didn’t see THAT coming. Cute.

  25. Patricia Schmidt


  26. Narmi Ataf

    I like video 😂

  27. Jason Rodriguez

    “ moist “ 😂

  28. Mrshunni O

    This feels like it was filmed as some sort of school project video…

  29. •十橭•戙間

    "That's 4 words"🤣🤣🤣🤣

  30. Mavis Wiggins


  31. Kristie Stricklan

    Haha good video

  32. Aminisha Hudgins

    ☺☺… I'm loving this video.. cute.. plus sassy = nice. # a winner 4 sure. 👍

  33. Shelly


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