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  1. Lumpy Touch

    Cancer Gorefield was designed by ME!!!
    So uh
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  2. KyogreCannon 64

    Everybody gangsta-
    Is that a cat faced crab in my house??

  3. Kombo Noob

    Mutantbloods are warmer than most trolls.

  4. Milo Robinson

    fuck yeah I’ve got abyssal crab field

  5. Shrek Wazowski

    So I would assume full scent meter is dead right?

  6. Kamaaar The Black Saiyan


    Anyone up for seafood?

  7. Bmvcool277

    GOREFIELD knows where you are.

    oh god oH FUCK

  8. Hayden Ossler

    “You’re very special”
    Aww thanks gorefield

  9. King Alpha

  10. Matt D

    Cancer Gorefield is one of the few bosses in the game that is mandatory to fight – about a third of the way through the game, you'll be told by Nermal Jr that Gorefield has been sighted at the beach. Going there at night, as instructed, will begin the Cancer Gorefield fight. Before doing that, however, you should either beat Gemini Gorefield and get the key ring, or purchase the Coral Key from the shop – these items will be a big help in the fight.

    Cancer Gorefield rises from the water, and it will make massive attacks with its claws, trying to grab Jon. If you're grabbed, don't panic – mash the buttons, and you'll hopefully get out before he gruesomely insta-kills you by shoving you into his gaping mouth. If you have the Shield of the Unyielding from the Taurus fight, you can deflect a few claw attacks before he grows wide and attacks with both claws to grab you. He'll also attack with waves of water, and pound the sand with his claws to throw up sand to obscure your vision. It's a tough fight, but the key makes it at least a little easier – occasionally, when Gorefield pounds the sand, a treasure chest will be breifly uncovered under the sand. Using the Coral Key or Key Ring on this chest will reveal a pulsing tumor, which can be attacked for bonus damage to Cancer Gorefield – while it's not an instant kill, it definitely helps, considering the boss's meat-wall levels of health you need to chew through with your weapons.

    Beating Cancer Gorefield will net you a Fishing Rod, which can be used at certain points of the game to get collectibles or items from bodies of water. If you attacked at least three tumors, though, he'll instead drop the Reinforced Fishing Rod, which not only has a higher chance of catching valuable collectibles, but in certain fights it'll transform into the Abyssal Trident, which deals more damage than the knife and has a considerably longer range.

    For more boss tips, see the other game clips.

  11. Bearzin BRABOR •


    Me:jon you have cancer oh sh….

  12. CanadasElite

    Love your lumpy work

  13. Eloraic

    I swear, being named Jon makes these videos 10 times scarier.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to hoard every key i have.

  14. Katsuo

    the aquarius man '-'

  15. Brandon Zilai

    Cancer is a cell

  16. FROST 117

    Im a cancer and i….quite like the design👍

  17. Suraj Seshwan

    Cancer garfield :i am imortal

    Chef of giants : get me my butter and pan.

  18. Golden Yak

    I want a big write-up for all these, with lore and everything.

  19. JOmegaRadical

    "Your Lasagna: Taurus"

    Me: "Oh hey thats me! Cant wait to be best friends!"

    Scent Meter: Gorefield knows where you are

    Also me: "It appears I was destined to be alone"

  20. Dani-Brox129

    i don't even like beaches, so im fine… 🙂

  21. Navi Mefla

    This one is the least scary in my opinion. But scale is what matters in the end

  22. Pp Poopoo

    Well fuck….

  23. Domo Womo

    Time to not sleep again

  24. Risotto Nero

    I'm a cancer and I love the beach…is something wrong with me?

  25. Lucho De Lio

    I'm in fucking love with this series

  26. Alf Dagerås

    False alarm my female dog is sleeping and the other is laying under my bed

  27. CrownClown Creations

    0:11 "It's also your destiny to meet him.. might not go too well I'm.."

  28. The UNOWN bendy The unownest

    You have CANCER, JON

  29. mutoni munyambo

    Mr crabs?

  30. Jack Van Hoy


  31. luke11685 gamerz31w

    That's my Zodiac sign.

  32. Kathen Daugherty

    Kinda funny that the "Monday" for Cancer is Sagittarius. My father, an abusive sack of shit, was a Cancer and my mother, one of the sweetest people I know, is Sagittarius.

  33. SupremeG

    Who wants gorefield's feet?

  34. Marlow

    i actually like to work alone, rather than with other ppl that might or most likely will off balance my rhythm.
    so this like:
    Dwells quietly in the deep.
    kinda suits me well


    Scp 3166 has been spoted

  36. MelasticThing

    i am cancer
    once i figured out its a giant crab i was like

  37. Sylv1aN F1R3

    I don’t get it?

  38. Ethan Avery

    It looks like Lavos.

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