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  1. SoGood 4me

    "Pipe down witcha thumbnail"🤪 #savethetray

  2. Erica Graham

    I'll tell you what that was.. She's copying Zachary Michael , that's been his intro for years

  3. Kristi Call

    Him picking food out of his teeth looking at it and then reeating it… Gross!!

  4. Victoria

    Her voice makes me cringe every fucking time.. The hell is with that giggle? And Pete gives off such a creepy vibe to me, don't like him at all. And the two of them together are so gross. THEY EAT SO LOUD, I stupidly was eating when I started…. couldn't finish, completely lost my appetite.

  5. Aline Gauger

    Who and why watches Foodie Beauty videos? Is it people not wanting to eat alone? Is it feeders? I don't get the concept.

  6. Heathen Wolf

    when you have more chins than the national phonebook for China.

  7. WW Redgrl15

    Peetz “I’m full”. Chantel “you are?” Chantels brain – “ I wonder what that feels like?”

  8. WW Redgrl15

    Idk who is the worst food smucher and the two together is the worst. Mouth noises are the absolute worst!!! I call it smuching !!!

  9. kayleigh bb

    Body positive, but looks in the viewfinder and then pulls on her shirt to try (and fail) to hide her rolls? Sure Jan. Besides body positive is meant for people who have things going on with their body that they CAN'T change, so they can still love themselves the way they should. It's not meant to enable gorging, sick of the way body positivity has been high jacked!

  10. Dung nguyetxuan Bui

    Um can someone please tell me why she has that freaking tray so high up on that steering wheels ??? It bad enough that she has to use that abomination 😖😖😖

  11. shani stott

    Am I correct when thinking chantal doesnt have her gallbladder ?

  12. OriginalPinkPenguin

    Peetz grosses me out. I bet he has hidden cameras in Chantal’s house and he just sits at home jerking it to Bibi and Chantal attempting sex.

    PS the smacking…I CANT

  13. Kathleen Johnson

    I want to see this kiwi farms info 🤣🤣. I love your reactions. Only through you can I tolerate watching her disgusting face!!

  14. Kerry H

    Simmer down Chantel🤣🤣🤣. I'm a big girl…we need underwire!!! #savethetray

  15. bacchiguu86

    "Big girls like me are beautiful….unless they make videos about me then screw them they're fat pigs!!!"

  16. Summer Bright

    What happens to the surgery booked for the 20th of November? 🤷‍♀️

  17. Maegan Brown

    They sound like animals eating.
    Everyone's poor ears made a sacrifice for this reaction. Much needed I might add.

  18. Maegan Brown

    Those sounds make me want to rip off my ears. And im with you girl "i hope she gets the shits where's she's at"

  19. PorcelainRequiem


  20. Vintage Soul Seeker

    Bullying old Diane …..smh, why can’t people just let her be old.

  21. Blair Unabridged

    Peetz seems like he might have a collection of hair dolls at home that he uses for inappropriate activities.

  22. Lyssa Dyane

    I don't know if you already know this…but someone posted on one of her community posts and mentioned when you said you were gonna send things to her sister….and the guy said someone needed to call CPS on you because you are not taking care of your kids! But she said if you didn't stop she would just call the police and show the threats!! She is the most VILE creature I have ever seen! If you already know this …please disregard this…Scott Stevens is the guy that left the comment..😡😡

  23. Lyn Dixon - Australia

    Peetz is a dick !! They both smack their lips so much its disgusting. I hate the way peetz runs his finger around his mouth yuk she is so fukn huge..



  25. V R

    She has gained weight. You can tell in her face.

  26. Bettina Fleetwood

    Hi so where is your address I got you a Christmas card and present and I need to send it it might take time from Uk love Tina from Uk

  27. Maria lynn

    ( peetz creeps me out and shes out of control its deplorable)
    #savethetray #traylivesmatter

  28. Lea S.

    Omg… farting? Please dear God NO!! NO! NO! I going to throw up…can't finish this video..I'm out.

  29. Klynn Embracing Recovery

    It makes me so anxious when she eats because she is going to die on camera!

  30. Kaltrina Demiri

    I hate how she yelled "BEAUTY BITE" as if she was having a heart attack.

  31. Lydia McMahon

    Do Amberlynn and this barnyard animal even chew their food?

  32. Rommie Samboski

    So she wants to be the next Tera Patrick but how is it possible to locate her V?

  33. Bender Rodriguez

    Peetz is such a snob about the weirdest things. Who brags about using ketchup bottles instead of packets?

  34. Michelle lynn 588

    Oh yabba you just called diane old. She will come at you with pizza and black pepper. Diane love ya. Yabba your rocking this. I love that

  35. Kaltrina Demiri

    She looks so large in that video.. surprised she still fits behind the wheel.

  36. Lisa V

    The only people who probably ask her that are the drive thru window people. Ole oversize teal circle head ass

  37. Ginger

    🤮 That heifer knows her fat ass only took pics in the parking lot. Her ass was to lazy to walk around.

  38. A W

    God this is like a horrible sitcom foodie beauty is punishing her car.

  39. Traci Worrick

    One of these days channtel will get stuck in her car she is going to half to call for a jaws of life the prior from the car lol

  40. Tina Tedder

    Did you say Diane is 60? Lol. You must be young, 60 is hardley elderly. 😜

  41. Moon Like

    You fat ugly beast pot calling kettle black, you look like a cheap tacky potato, you sad pathetic loser. You are so bloated and round your eyes are disappearing. Go eat those pies hiding in your toilet because you are too ashamed to be honest about your own gluttony 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  42. Flowers, another Goth online

    What a disgrace of a human being
    That food looks disgusting, just like her face

  43. sparker1219

    #savethetray #traylivesmatter

  44. Isabella C

    Enjoy this video of Chantal being so disgusting as to compare herself to a woman with cancer.

  45. Entisar Nurhussen

    #savethetray lol 😂

  46. Shaun Lavoie

    #QualityContent……the dynamic duo…..SlurpnBurp!!!

  47. Trash Burger

    Chintal has mastered the triple chin combo. She now has the holy trinity of chins, thus becoming one of the most powerful ham-planets in the known universe

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