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  1. AnnaKev

    But why can I relate to your lack of patience with this woman? 😂😂😂

  2. Holli Kayana

    Me on my period 😂

  3. Claire Martin

    All 3 of my cats love to go under the covers, even if it's boiling outside.

  4. onebourbononescotch

    Oh wow, you do look like her sister. Fortunately for you and the sister, neither of you looks like Chantal.

  5. Markkyun

    That final tho!! Sis SNAPPED

  6. A.

    all four of the people shes attacked/attacking are black….anyone else noticed. think that says a lot about her character. maybe it's less about other people being overweight and commenting on her and more about internalized racism coming out and she can't handle that they are more successful than her.

  7. A.

    foody booty uses "holier than thou" like ALR uses "situation"

  8. Marmela Ota

    Nice lipstick colour!
    And nice rage😂

  9. Absolutely Ridiculous

    Girl, your mood! You went off on sis 🤣🤣🤣
    Btw you're beautiful

  10. Azim Agus

    chantal is a stupid ball.thats it

  11. I oughtta slap yo ass boy

    Kinda off topic- but does anyone notice in Chantal’s mukbangs how her chin is so big she can’t even look down half the time she uses her eyes and just darts them down to see what’s there

  12. cherrymilk

    Sis went OFF and I'm here for it

  13. Marcos Hernandez

    Love it

  14. WolfOfSin

    She's just trying to suck into the 'fat positivity ' movement. They go after anyone who speaks out against their choices to give up on life. They are the biggest hypocrites really.

  15. OriginalPinkPenguin

    Chantal is just angry at Charlie because Charlie has accomplished and continues to accomplish what Chantal wishes she could: sticking to a weight loss program, following an exorcize regimen and LOSING WEIGHT.

  16. SteviiLove

    I just found you and god damn do I love you ❤

  17. Jodi A.

    Go awf sis!!!! 😂😂😂😂

  18. Annette Lepore

    Yes girl….love it. Get that nasty discusting sloppy bitch

  19. Isabella C

    Chantal going after a woman with cancer: https://youtu.be/4PYHrJDCdo8

  20. Furious Puddle

    I'm not a big Chantal fan, but without her, who would you all be reacting to? If she triggers you so much, why react to her at all?

  21. ren johns

    Go awffffff!

  22. CPT B

    Damn, Dani! I was NOT prepared lol

  23. Ashley Sumner

    Go the fuck off. I love you.

  24. Janine Bolling

    Chantal disproportionately goes for black people

  25. jay be

    Oh shit, you do look like her sister!!

  26. treat12

    I keep asking how does she have almost 60k subs? Who is supporting Chantals crap?

  27. FriedChickenisha300

    Charlie is too nice to go as far as Michael has gone. Michael can easily destroy her. I disagree with Dani and I think the reason Chantal isn't coming for her is because she knows Dani can destroy her too. She went after Yabbas weight and Yabba didn't care so she switched it and went for her kids instead. She went for Mikey and he also proved he could come back at her even worse so she hasn't come for him since. She's a coward and comes at people with really low blows because she knows she isn't witty enough. Pathetic human who would rather die early and lie to herself than do some real work to overcome shit.

  28. Calaisha's Fresh Start

    14:55 ouuuuuu okay girl😂😂‼️

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