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  1. Mia Mee

    No when her eyes are darting around she's mad she forgot to order 3 deserts cookies

  2. Mia Mee

    Lol you're hilarious! Love your accent & wit!

  3. Mia Mee

    You can tell Bebe is repulsed & despises her

  4. Mia Mee

    She couldn't get surgery at 600 lbs. Even for gastric surgery I think you have to be <250 lbs! Definitely under 300

  5. Mia Mee

    Uggh she's SO gross! Sniffing per pootang ponannie pewdiepah bun like a dog

  6. Mia Mee

    Uggh so repulsive!

    The only good part was your hysterically funny commentary on pootang poonannie poodiepahh LOL
    And admiring those mesmerizing 👀of yours 💝

  7. sarusa xo

    How can she consume sooooo much. I love me some maccies but i get full from the normal meal. Like burger chips and im stuffed but shes like….eating like 4 people's worth of food. I'd throw up forcing myself to eat that much ewwwwwwwwww. Like stawp also those chewing noises make me wanna die. Side note yabba you look so pretty i like your hair. I'm new to your channel and i love it already. Xx

  8. Broken Arrow

    When she kicked her damn hand I was in shock…. She's so pathedic and discusting. I think I'm gonna start a fasting for a few days bc watching this made my whole body hurt.

  9. Zevonnya Hicks

    Ewwwwwwww. Enough said.

  10. Joel Cassin

    Wow I can feel my arteries hardening just by looking at all that junk food😨.

  11. Tracy Kelly

    Every time Chantal does a muckbang I figure up how much money she spends I put that money into an account I just paid off a bill it took about a year of putting back the money.

  12. Amanda Garnett

    Yabba u make me laugh so much … burger … nugget… burger….nugget 🤣🤣🤣🤣 hand licking 😄🤣😂😂😂

  13. Elaine Stokes

    At this point, it’s like watching that video of Sid & Nancy shooting up and then asking the interviewer if he wants to watch them f*ck.
    She is in the throws of addiction and rambles, slowly, about the homeless man + others she’s f*cked.
    It’s sad.

  14. xisobelx373

    If Chantal rode public transportation ..and there was a smear of some mysterious sauce on the window ..she would LICK the whole window

  15. xisobelx373

    Boody eating noises are so nasty

  16. Tracy Kelly

    The doctor probably told her weeks ago they can't do the surgery as she is too big and blood pressure too high, they probably told her she would have to lose weight before surgery and she failed she just went to ER to get meds for her cramps if she really wanted to show proof she would flash those discharge papers showing surgery canceled, yes surgeries do get canceled a lot there but they reschedule right away, have a friend that lives in Canada and she had surgery, gastric bypass, hers was canceled and rescheduled for the next day and they kept her in the hospital overnight,

  17. xisobelx373

    She is the embodiment of MAYOCUE

  18. Kitek K

    She is fuc#ing disgusting.She literally did make me gug.🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢She is sick!!Her small piggy eyes…the noises she makes,the trotter's licking…Did you guys see her community tag today?Smthing about how she got on with 78 years old guy who had nicotine fingers???🤮🤢She couldn't be more gross,could she.Wtf is wrong with her?

  19. Scribonius Thursday

    By the way, all plants have protein, that's where cows get it from (and many humans, too).

  20. Scribonius Thursday

    Ok, Yaba, I like you, but what you said about Big Macs was dead wrong. The bread is not the unhealthiest part, the meat is. All meat is unhealthy, but highly processed meat (yes even that 100% Canadian Beef bs is processed) is a class 1 carcinogen as classified by the WHO, a UN organization. Red meat is considered a class 2 without much interference to its 'natural state'. If you know better than them, then by all means write them a letter telling them why they're wrong. In the meantime, know that 'ground beef' is statistically likely to be made of, at most (in the US) 14% actual muscle meat and commonly as little as only 2% is meat. All ground beef is contaminated with dangerous pathogens, and almost all of it contains filler which is not considered foodstuffs all on their own. I'm sure McD's buns have a lot of stupid superfluous ingredients that healthy bread doesn't need (bread should only have 4-5 ingredients+grains and seeds), but even taking that into account it'll still be head and shoulders above the flesh/disease/filler patties that that god-awful excuse for a restaurant serves.

    Please don't spread misinformation. If you don't believe me, look into the WHO report, and do some research into case studies of illnesses from ground beef consumption, conditions and production and processing plants, and journalistic investigative industry exposés that have revealed the industry-standard contents of ground beef from the largest suppliers. And keep in mind that none of what they do is illegal, and that in your country there exists 'Cheeseburger laws' to avoid lawsuits from illnesses sustained while consuming the products of animal ag (these laws were put into place to avoid the same fallout the Tobacco industry had to deal with). Also, don't spread carb-fear. I eat over 2000-2500+ calories a day as a 5' tall young woman with a 23" waist. I'm not especially active at this point in life, but I still manage to keep a healthy BMI and waist top/height ratio. I owe that to eating a species-appropriate diet that consists mostly (upwards of 70-80%) of carbohydrates, and that allows my body to run on glucose, which is what it's supposed to do. The only people who have any business running on ketones are those who are epileptic and can benefit from that to the detriment of other aspects of there health (a heuristic decision to keep seizures at bay), or those currently suffering famine. No ethical, properly informed doctor would ever recommend ketosis just for the sake of losing weight. Remember,ber, most doctors have no training in human nutritional requirements; recently in California doctors were fighting against being required to study human nutrition for the equivalent of just two days' seminars. They attended a hearing arguing that they didn't have the time. The time they spent arguing against it could have been used to learn the subject, at least in passing. This is the average state of affairs of doctors in westernized medicine (which is great, but has it's faults here and there). Most doctors did one day's training in nutrition (almost), many did none. Just a heads up.

  21. Kelsey Walsh

    Her chewing and barely able to breathe while eating is sickening

  22. little chloe

    I hate cats man.

  23. Beth G.

    What happened to her big set up with the backdrop and lights, etc? Maybe there isn't enough room to lay out her feast there? Or it was too much effort to go do the video there?

    It's also pretty funny to me that she no longer wants to post about personal and health stuff because of the comments she will get yet she is posting shit like this! At least when she posted about getting her health in order, people felt compassion and wanted to support her taking her health and life seriously.. but now we get to watch her shovel food in again and do everything opposite of helping herself or following medical professionals' advice… the hate comments will double or triple!!

    Personally, I refuse to watch any mukbang/eating videos on her channel… just like with ALR, if I watch at all, it will only be through reaction channels! Chantel has totally lost my support!

    I also am beginning to think the surgery was a sham because she just ignored all the prep stuff for it. She was supposed to be eating well and trying to shed a few pounds and increase her endurance but that all went out the window! I believe she got to the hospital and was told they would not do her surgery because she had eaten/drank too recently and/or they ran tests and deemed it unsafe because her liver was too large and in the way (usually obese patients have to follow a liquid diet pre-op to shrink the liver and make it easier/safer to access the organs they need to work on).. or like some have speculated, she knew awhile ago that surgery was cancelled and went to the ER for something else just to get the video footage!! The last option actually makes sense because she gave up with her healthy eating well before her surgery date… probably because she knew surgery wasn't happening anymore anyway!

    Also, she was supposed to do the injections to prep her blood for surgery due to being on Warfarin – blood thinners (I think it was going to be Dalteparin injections).. and it's extremely hard to believe that she would NOT film herself doing that or at the very least just show the injections as proof to back-up her story and legitimize things for us!!!

    So sad… and pathetic. It will take an even bigger health scare than pulmonary embolisms or needing a hysterectomy to get her to wake up and see what she is doing to herself!!

  24. Pinki Pink

    Love u Yaba ❣️ and we proabely need help🤣 im dying here🤣🤪🤣 chanty is 🤮

  25. BobbaChocoholic

    Honestly, I think we're seeing the truth now. Before she was only showing us her narrative of what she eats but here is the truth about what she does off camera!!

  26. Jill D'Pill

    I dont know who Joe is but I see you coming for him 😂

  27. fairy changling

    She said in 1 of her videos that 'her aunt is down from Jamaica'…but she lives in Canada? In what world would anyone describe that as "down"??!…2 days this has been on my mind…I mean why?

  28. Fluff Walker

    The noise of her eating. Jesus 🤬

  29. Sarah Haynes

    I'm sorry, it's the noise she makes while eating! I'm a big person and I don't make those noises. WTF!

  30. Sammy Cat

    She’s not eating any of her ketchup/mayo fries that she said she loves.

  31. Sarah Haynes

    Ok so I deleted my last comment as it made me sound stupid lol (I didn't put my point across properly). So, I watched her 'hospital ' video with you and something didn't seem right. At first I thought it was the red wristband, which in Canada means severe allergies, (good old Google), but where's her coloured wristband for her surgery? I'm in Britain and when my mum went down for minor surgery, she had a coloured band. Maybe its different policy in Canada? If someone knows, could you let me know please, thankyou. Great video, looking forward to the next one 😀

  32. SareejP 5

    Ok, WTF is a "beauty bite"??

  33. Lili Kain

    I've seen some McDonald's where you have to ask for mayo cause some people are a little too obsessed with mayo

  34. fairy changling

    I totally agree, this isn't funny. It also made me feel physically sick.

  35. JJ R

    I live on the west coast of Central Florida, and let me assure you there is NOTHING to do that has to do with fall. It's still 90 degrees. They're selling pumpkins in Publix though.


    One thing I disagree with you on is Nikocado may not be pushing 500 lbs but I do think his health is probably that of a 600lb Amberlynn, Chantel, Candy..He doesn't have longer..They are all ticking time bombs.

  37. Eliane C

    I agree. Candy is a beautiful soul at least. Nik is really fun to watch, specially when he has some tea. But this Chantal girl. I just watch her when your videos come up.

  38. Esther B.

    Shawn-tawl not Shan-tell… it’s stupid to not be able to learn her name

  39. Kalla Basin

    She bought two meals 😂 I was wondering why there was two drinks. Someone let her know that is for 2 people.

  40. Holly Little

    Does everyone sound like this when they eat? I totally never noticed other people eat like this.

  41. videri57

    There’s mayo in packets here in Alabama since I was a kid. Chantel is a double fisted eating, hand licking eater sloth.

  42. Makeup_ RX

    Beyond disgusting 😷 the sound of her eating is making me dry heave

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