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  1. Gabriella Gulyás

    0:45 that poor cat must have been terrified that she was gonna eat her too

  2. itz_omega chan

    Is it me or is foodie beauty look like the lady from monster house hmmm?!🤔😂

  3. Grey Shades

    I feel like if she ran out food and was too lazy to order or get more food she would eat her cat x/

  4. Julia Starr

    “i dont like popeyes” then whyd you get it lol

  5. NinaKhaos


  6. Christina Bobina

    Was that a fuxkin tray attached to the steering wheel? Stoppp

  7. The Ruddz

    She reminds me of Ursula from the little Mermaid

  8. Amorphous One

    No one:

    Foodie: PUH-PIEZ!!

  9. johns turtle


  10. Vanessa & Ryan

    All I hear is “pupies” instead of Popeyes

  11. Erbu d

    "that's why i think weight loss journeys are bullshit" dudeeee that makes so much sense

  12. cclvu_

    when she went 👀👀👀 i felt that

  13. you love I

    She gives me a headache

  14. Briana wants to break free


  15. BotanicMystic_

    I hate and love these videos at the same time.

  16. Malia Michelle

    The way she holds chopsticks. Lmao!

  17. blue kage

    How hard is it to eat noodles jeez.

  18. Ava Crandon Downes

    Vegan jumbo wieners 😭

  19. Anushka Saxena

    No one:

    Literally no one:

    Foodie beauty at every 3 secs: iih…um..hee…eheh..um..yaya

  20. AVAF 02

    0:24 0:28 …. why is she doing the MJ's hee hee?

  21. mahhtty

    no one:
    foodie beauty everytime she takes a small bite: HMH

  22. Mel Knight

    I need to watch this every time I get a craving for something unhealthy. It will convince me not to. She has gained so much weight. All these muckbangers have. Its sad

  23. Syeyon Kang

    She looks bigger

  24. Anahi Zavala

    Who else thought she sounded like the mincraft witch whe she says “hmp”

  25. Anon Apoh

    She’s going to die and her obituary will say “I fucked homeless men while I had dingle berries dangling from my ass”

  26. Chantal Blows The Homeless

    I've never seen such fat fingers. They look hot dogs. How is she getting fatter by the day?

  27. Vivien Walker

    Is nobody gonna talk about the fact that she said Hot peppers are spicy I mean I might be wrong but aren't hot peppers suppose to be spicy im really confused someone help

  28. Rin

    Yo uhm when she moaned I had my volume all the way up cus ya know the intro but anyways my parents heard that and welp…had a talk with them even tho I showed them the video.

  29. Sade Abney

    I live for the intro it completes my night 🤧

  30. Audrey Sablan

    LOL ''popyes!!!''

  31. Jimin Oppa

    I kinda think shes a bit funny sometimes

  32. Mina Gee

    God for a week there I thought she was trying to eat better and was even going to the gym. Guess that didn't last.

  33. Starbee

    Chantal looks like a grizzly bear with the sharp white nails in the burger video

  34. Julia Simpson

    The way she holds her chopsticks makes my blood boil

  35. potato patch

    She really shouldn’t hold her chopsticks 2 cm away from the bottom like you can Hold your chopstick closer if you don’t have enough strength but not that close…

  36. S. EA.

    How is she holding her chopsticks?!

  37. Jocey Noyes

    The nails. Really? Look who's dolled up for a night inside.

  38. PERIOD

    VeGaN jUmBo WeInErS

  39. mikaela

    the way she’s holding those chopsticks are bothering me

  40. Crimson The Dragon

    1:30 At the least she is down to earth.

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