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  1. Creamy Pasta

    Ha Ha You Collect Pops

  2. Victoria Thornton

    I would escape too if my master put her Harry Bush on the table!!

  3. Lyssa Dyane

    I ❤ your reactions….I'm always laughing! I just like the way she nonchalantly says "I got a call the other day" about my surgery….B.S. she is lying again…I guarantee something will happen….😁😁 oh and her and those chopsticks are a big NO!!! 🤣🤣 and you have those voices down pat….😁😁😁😁

  4. Nate Robbins

    Hello, Chintal, the real reason your cat got out was he was sick and friggin' tired of your damned singing, Darth Vader voice, and constant interrogations of "Are you beeeezin???" Hopefully someday both cats will escape to a much happier life with a pet parent who isn't abusing them with the most annoying voice known to man, and cat.

  5. Emma Lynn

    She probably finished eating the rest an hour later.

  6. Amy Wagner

    Omfg!! You nailed her cringe voice! 🤣

  7. Amy Wagner

    She’s gonna mukbang herself to death before November 20th

  8. Christine E E

    I legit was going to make a comment on your last video to be like “GORL PLZ REACT” but you were right on it! I couldn’t tell wtf those earrings were at first.

    Second thoughts was that this video was totally for the feeders. I mean, I know in the grand scheme of things a lot of this content is for the feeders.

    Third thought is this is one of the first mukbangs that looked tasty. Lmao.

  9. Dori Ossmann

    I bet she showed her ass when the sister let the cat out. I imagine her stomping around being dramatic AF lol

  10. kiru86

    She looks like she’s blowing the noodles. Ick!

  11. Lipstick Blue

    She looks like a sumo wrestler i this video. And I agree with you, she does sound like she has Munchausens.

  12. tara bubb

    She watches it as she knows she done fucked up knowing nothing about hospital admissions. She and Amber have got MC …she is a pain killer addict.

  13. tara bubb

    Bet she says that Dr says it's okay at 400lbs…..right.

    Dr now won't even operate and says over 350lbs is severe risks and weight loss is needed..this woman thinks we don't know any thing.

  14. tara bubb

    Blood thinners make you bruise.
    Those steam buns are so filling , Jesus it's alot of food. Omg she can't use chop sticks.

    I'm not gonna say about surgery as well i still call bullshit. She probably went hospital on this 2 day hiatus and filmed after being bunged up with cheese. I know the procedure for a second date which I will say when that day comes..I don't wanna tip her off at all !! 😂😂😂

  15. Lady Zelda

    she's like a vacuum cleaner, she sucks everything food related in her mouth. no or not too much chewing, only gorging…ugh, so unappetizing! (new subscriber here xD)
    PS: you play Stardew Valley, awesome 😀

  16. SongDissCorp

    The devil Sam voice is spot on 😂😂 I die everytime

  17. Jasmine Nix

    The way she was eating those noodles was giving me anxiety. Also, congrats on 1k subscribers! So proud of you guys!!!

  18. Anna Maria N.

    She has absolutely NO table manners. It's OK not being able to use chopsticks but why keep trying on camera and make a fool of yourself?
    Also no food is messy. It's her way of eating.
    I hope this time she goes through with the surgery but I have doubts… We'll see.

  19. Brianna H

    8:40 I make Jajangmeyeon often ( the Korean version of black bean noodles) and the soybean paste used for the sauce is actually black. I’m not sure if the Chinese version is made using the same paste.

  20. Reine

    If she wants to do Halloween content why not do Halloween makeup tutorials 🤷‍♀️

  21. jhd5

    4:42 — :@( the reptilian way she hooks her tongue around those noodles before hauling them in — STOP!!! :–(

  22. LeahFrank George

    Hands down you’re the only YTer that has me lol every time!!! You’re one funny girl

  23. Amanda Garnett

    She hated a garlic sauce she had with peetz once

  24. happy pappy

    Your dog story was more exciting than the whole video.

  25. E Rick

    I knew Sam would RUN and get away from her if it was ever possible. Poor cat hurt himself to get away from that psycho

  26. Brooklyn 716

    She couldn't stop stuffing her face to tell us how her cat got out? I mean really! It's not like it was a 20 minute story. 🙄

  27. Nikita36816

    Chantal looks like she is over 400 lbs. No wonder she hides behind the table.

  28. Maxi Mayhem

    Fluffy savoury air are farts.

  29. Garden Lady

    Aww, we all know why she calls it "a hairy bush mic" 🙄🤣! She just wants to trigger people and be gross/annoying. She acts so like an arrested adolescent. Those noodles do not look like authentic Korean jjangmyeon. You do a great impersonation of FB doing her "beez'in" voice 😊👍🏻❗️🌸

  30. Kya Simons Life

    The Cat 🐈 Broke Camp Because He’s Sick Of Those Dam demonic songs & That Weird 5th personality voice she uses I would have broke Camp too 🤗

  31. forureyes

    She calls her mic that cause she is nasty. FYI Chicken balls are NOT authentic Chinese food. Also FYI most take out Chinese is also not authentic Chinese food. Did she say jjajangmyeon? Cause that's Korean… So she went "authentic Chinese" by eating a Korean version of a Chinese dish?? Wth.. ? OMG! She just put her hand to her mouth to help shovel the noodles in then used a napkin to wipe her chin/mouth then used the same part of her hand to wipe up her nose… OMG ftlog gross. Then uses the hand again to make sure the food all goes in her mouth.. I can't .. I'm gonna throw up.

  32. jason barnett

    She likes inhaling her food

  33. jason barnett

    She needes to workout

  34. Chantal Blows The Homeless

    I can't even watch this beast on reaction channels. I guarantee see watches every reaction video and reads tons of comments. What else is she going to do all day?

  35. leungbabe

    She likes watching people in the hospital cuz number 1 she’s evil but number tho this bitxh is a hypochondriac!!! (Love of seeing doctors and going to the hospital in an exchange for attention either positive or negative.) she likes the attention.

  36. shani stott

    Now she has a surgery date . Ok ! I wont believe her until she shows proof.

  37. leungbabe

    Bitxh those noodles ain’t home made!!
    They get them from the Asian supply store!!! Omggggg what an Idiot!! And for the record those bun things taste like ass!!!!

  38. leungbabe

    The doctor wants to see her before because the doctor before had to explain why he refused her surgery which I’m now convinced was her weight and she is now a liability. The doctor HAS to see her again and I guarantee u still will cancel the surgery as well. Chantal said oh she likes that doctor cuz she was always “respectful” towards her and didn’t ever bring up her weight. She will this time when she sees how much she has gained. And I’m convinced at this point chantal is doing this on purpose. I’m convinced she’s self sabotaging it because either she’s too lazy or changed her mind. But yeah watch and see her. And her now mocking salads and acting like a fuxking douche towards healthy food is fuxking whack!!! She’s whack af!!!

  39. C Hudson

    I kept wanting her to just eat the noodles instead of plucking at them like that.

  40. leungbabe

    She has a galaxy S6

  41. leungbabe

    She’s trying to be cute. And she’s definitely NOT cute with chopsticks and her stupid freaking tongue. That is NOT the way we eat noodles

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