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  1. Chels Prideaux

    “I don’t want you to die cause then I’m left with amber and she’s really boring” 😂😂😂 facts gorl, facts

  2. jhd5

    18:24 — Big Boring Me whines, "I'm starting to feel like myself before I started all of this restrictive dieting way back and then developed eating disorders like binge eating." It's like an alcoholic claiming that when they tried to cut back on drinking, it caused them to go on major benders. She should shut up with her idiotic excuses that don't fool anyone and just eat herself into a permanent coma.

  3. Miss Connie

    "Can you go on a trip to reality Chantel" 😂😂😂

  4. Miss Connie

    Eat that crow pah gorl. Eat it!!!! 😂 💜🥧

  5. Lisa Robertson

    But I love this hat too

  6. ڰۣ-ღCameoღڰۣ

    Her channel would be much more successful if she turned her life around and made a difference. She could be an example for other who struggle with weight but I doubt that will ever happen.

  7. India M

    Tmi too. I was on medication which totally constipated. I had an ambulance ride to the hospital and at first the doctors thought they might have to operate. It was awful from start to finish and if that is headed chantal’s way she’ll be in trouble

  8. Jennifer Kuster

    If I want to lose weight I have to restrict myself to 1,000 calories a day. She could probably eat 5,000 and still lose weight! !! There's no reason for her to stay that freaking huge

  9. Jennifer Kuster

    Where did Chantel come from if her name is Mary Olive?

  10. Carol BeingCarol

    Bullied off of Youtube! Lol!

  11. Zombieunicorn223

    I think you’re right about her making light of tics, I have had one since I was a baby, it used to comfort me because I was so sick as a kid and can’t help doing it now. I got made fun of so much for it and teachers would yell at me. It wasn’t even a big deal, just a small sound I make in my throat but I hate when she does that fake shh 🤦‍♀️

  12. Girl in the Striped Sweater

    It's ok, a lot of us were wrong too. It's hard to tell sometimes because she's got a deceptive personality.

  13. Bethany DeAtley

    “Can you go on a trip to reality chantal” I lol’d

  14. cc. c

    I think your funny love watching you but you also have a big heart can tell you care about people your also very pretty not a trace of makeup on your skins gorgeous

  15. Bunnygirl

    Do all americans sound like South Park??!

  16. Diane Bardle

    Oh my girl wait until the opiates wear off and she runs
    Out.RUN GIRLL!!!

  17. Dimond Rose

    😷 god her fingers are just giant flab rolls and.she has a.flabby chin.how.in the world.has she every had a man.could u imagine discusting slob I BET next year she will be bed bound put ur bets on people.🤣🤣🤣🤣xxxx

  18. Jackie B

    Lmao her telling us she doesn’t gorge herself anymore followed by the KFC mukbong is Chantal in a nutshell

  19. Chewy Praline

    Preach , when i got my tooth removed i took t3s and i couldnt dump . not pooing for a week will make u so grumpylol

  20. Hayley Horton

    I still say a load of crap.

  21. Paul

    atleast she was eating without orgasming as much as usual

  22. Canadian Kim

    She was intubated

  23. LocoDonkey8

    Her solution to not "feeling like crap about" herself for failing a diet is not to revamp her lifestyle to a more healthy one, but to instead just stop giving a shit that she's killing herself. Cool. Cool cool cool cool cool no doubt no doubt no doubt no doubt.

  24. Jarrella J

    That’s the demon that inhabits her telling her to stop screaming internally as it eats her to death with her own body.

  25. Post Staloney

    she should feel bad about herself because she is a disgusting pig, not because she failed a diet.

  26. Stella Marie

    She says that she’s not binge eating anymore? What the fuck do you think she’s eating right in this video? Cheesecake and pizza rolls? That’s a serving for two. She is binging still. And you’re right she’s eating the same amount it’s just throughout the day not in one setting but she’s kidding herself if she honestly thinks that this meal right there is not a binge because it is

  27. jonathan vogt

    Love you but why are you putting so many ads in lately?????

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