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  1. crystal lorenz

    Dudeeee… Ur so cuteee, y'all so relatable!!

  2. maggiria

    According to Chantel, that pink thing is her nightie / sleep wear.

  3. Jen Smith

    1. You look extra fancy today! 2. Please do not enlarge Chantal, you need to be the primary person on the screen. 3. I can’t believe she ate all of those potatoes. That was enough for my family of 4.

  4. SheWoreLemon83

    It doesn't matter if she manages to do OMAD, weight loss isn't going to happen if that one meal is like 2,000 calories. She has NO IDEA how much effort and commitment it takes to do what that fit mukbanger has done with her body. This girl hasn't lifted so much as a 3 pound dumbbell in her life and she thinks that eating like this is OK for her if she just starts "working out." Unbelievable.

  5. Deanna Martin

    I wonder if anyone has ever mailed her a bib?

  6. Queen aka SuperNova MEI Inc CEO

    Last comment…
    I briefly thought for a moment she was going to change. Now the same old shit. I’m triggered in the most irritating way because I had empathy for her in that one moment.

  7. Queen aka SuperNova MEI Inc CEO

    I’ve never seen someone so ready to Eat large amounts of food so soon after life changing surgery… just ..wow.

  8. Queen aka SuperNova MEI Inc CEO

    You look so pretty❤️🥰. A Mukbang already? Smh she never fails to wow me.

  9. Samantha

    She won't keep up the other terms

  10. Samantha

    OMAD doesnt work if you eat 3 meals at one time…

  11. Ria Reneé

    am i the only one who hates the way butter tastes? couldn't imagine dunking my food in it.

  12. Marie Ince

    Keep yourself on the big screen leave foodie small fgs . your make up looks good by the way lots of love from England.

  13. k b

    You can tell she really watches other muck Bang channels because she tries to re enact what they do and hopes that it explodes her channel since they get a lot of views of of their seafood cheese carb overload videos
    She also expects to eat like shit and because theres fit people eating like this that somehow its going to work for her…the fact that YouTube allows a woman who clearly voiced she has a food addiction allows her to binge and fuel said addiction on camera!

    Also how the fuck can she go for a walk but cant make homemade food for dinner!!! This woman will make any excuse to be as immobile as possible yet expect to be fit just because she shoves green veggies in her mouth!

  14. Dori Ossmann

    She wasnt as bothersome because she wasnt trying to make up a dumb ass story no one cares to hear

  15. Nicholl Sargeant

    I would be so embarrassed if she compared herself to me like she did that muckbanger. Here she goes talking a load of shit again.

  16. Shana Olson

    You look cute!

  17. Afro Jo

    I would not call those potatoes mini 😂

  18. Don’t Fence Me In

    I estimate that meal was over 2,600 calories… and she said she’d had a coffee earlier (I doubt it was plain coffee, just saying)

  19. Vicky Vlogs

    Chantals nasty attitude is why ppl rag on her, she's crazy

  20. Christine Peterson

    I thought the same thing. Who is paying for this??

  21. Amy Simpson

    She is repulsive as always but I love your makeup.

  22. Lesley Tate

    "I have a feeling this will be messy" says the woman with a GIANT bowl of butter ready and waiting 🤦‍♀️

  23. J Park

    She’s been doing Mukbangs for years. Why does she think that all of a sudden she’s going to lose a “massive amount of weight” doing them?

  24. pastel stars

    Lol vlogcember

  25. alli posh

    She goes on like she is such a nutrition expert but she doesn't understand the basic formula of calories in – calories out. It annoys me that she is seriously will only consider weightloss if it's "easy." It's not ever going to be easy because she will have to change the entire way she thinks about food. I am in the process of it myself. I get sick of salads sometimes too, I just try to find variety to stick to nutrition dense food. Sometimes I fall off the wagon and eat bread (like at Thanksgiving and with leftovers). You just got to keep trying.

  26. Karen Dilly

    She is just giving herself an excuse to continue her gluttonous behavior!

  27. purranoid

    Adsense revenue must be really good if she’s going to buy a camera AND a blue yeti mike. There’s going to be a HUGE jump in the quality of her vids and editing, right?

  28. la femme noire

    The secret of these mukbangers is called "video editing"', Chantal Olive-Mary

  29. kiru86

    The thing is that any diet besides eating whatever, whenever requires self discipline and she doesn’t have any. She fails to realize self discipline is a mental muscle but instead of going through those achy periods that strengthen the muscle, she just gives up. She will never lose weight until she gets self discipline. She will never get self discipline until she finds a reason to live a longer life. And right now she’s already said she doesn’t care if she dies in her 60s as long as she can eat what she wants so… highly unlikely she will ever lose weight. She’s just trying to hook more viewers.

  30. Joanne Imrie

    It’s pretty much a guarantee that when Chantal states a plan out loud…it won’t happen. She hasn’t even learned that about herself yet. 🤦‍♀️

  31. Lisa Whitear

    I do OMAD but not out of choice. I don't have the financial capabilities to eat 3 meals a day

  32. Lisa Whitear

    I cannot understand how Bibi let's Chantal eat like this knowing her health issues

  33. karadanlu

    In one of her videos where she was wearing that she said it's her pyjamas. So she's a slob.

  34. Mzz Ortiz

    Here we go again another diet she's not gonna stick to😵

  35. Anna Maria N.

    I've said this many times,I'll say it once more. She will not succeed in any diet because she has zero willpower. She had so many healthscares and NOTHING stopped her from doing muckbangs or secret binging as she admitted. She needs medical help….

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