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  1. Cherry Candy

    Chantal's a joke and a born glutton.

  2. Rebecca Brazil

    That “dizzy spell” sounds like dissociation. Why isn’t she seeing a therapist a couple times a week, or participating in some kind of intensive treatment program?

  3. Rebecca Brazil

    Congratulations on being able to say “Foodie Beauty” without getting it mixed up! 🎉🎉🎉

  4. Jody Thompson

    She is so predictable. She will come back with a story about being in the psych ward, or in the hospital because of her "dizziness." She always does these poor me videos after giving up or pissing off someone. I just hope people see through her manipulation as well as I do.

  5. Del Cee

    The symptoms foody boody is describing sound like TIA's. it stands for "Transient ischemic attacks" which are basically mini strokes. This is a reason to go to the ER when the next symptoms happen. Don't drive until these symptoms are diagnosed and treated. Here are the symptoms: balance issues, dizziness, confusion, vision changes, dysphasia – language disorder, dystharia – physical difficulty speaking, tingling anywhere in the body, altered level of consciousness, passing out, severe headaches, an abnormal sense of smell, and taste, weakness or numbness on just the right or left side of body and face determined by location of a blood clot or stroke.

    Causes of TIAs: high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, narrowed arteries caused by plaque buildup in or around the brain, carotid artery disease which occurs when the internal or external carotid artery of the brain is blocked, diabetes, high cholesterol. Signs of high blood pressure – vertigo, dizziness, lack or coordination, gait disturbance – your walking becomes erratic.

    Other risk factors that Foody does everyday: food that are high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, obesity, super morbidly obese. I really hope Foody Boody starts making immediate changes. The way Foody Boody eats, mukbangs, binging every day, will begin the end for Chantal. I don't watch her channel anymore, but I pick things up from here, on Shook. If you know her, feel free to share symptoms, causes, and treatment plans which hopefully change her behavior. Thanks for sharing Alex. Wishing Foody, and ALR, the strength to stop this deathly path she's on. This is all due to food choices, no exercise, and she needs to be under a doctor's care, so she can survive and get through this.

    Additional major health and behavior issues, being overweight, having a lot of abdominal fat and visceral fat (which damages pancreas, liver. Memory problems, less emotional control, difficulty making decisions, speech problems, difficulty breathing, nerve problems, visual problems, eating and swallowing difficulties, body temperature control, fatigue and low endurance. .

    Lifestyle changes that you can do to improve your risk of strokes: exercising, losing weight, eat fruits and vegetables 3X daily, reduce intake of rich foods, fried foods, junk foods, get enough sleep, reduce stress, improve control of diabetes, high BP, and high cholesterol.

  6. josie berry

    She cant even keep up with her own lies. I'm so embarrassed for her, shes making herself look so stupid. Weak ass bitch, quite literally. She said in her last post that failure is inevitable 🙄 that's because she let's it be that way, like stop letting failure be an option.

  7. beckii broo

    My theory about her dizziness is malnutrition, not a lack of food, but a lack of actual nutrients and too much salt. Being constantly dehydrated doesn't help either.

  8. Grace Ghost

    The dizzy spell is her blood pressure being too high. It causes you to be dizzy and in a dream like state.

  9. Neecy Neecy

    Reason she wants to lose weight..
    "So I can fit into the booths at a RESTAURANT.."

  10. baby factory

    Your the only person putting out content in this dry spell 🙌

  11. J Park

    Amy is hilariously shitty. She’s a dumpster.

  12. Pat Rice

    But, doesn’t she already have sleep apnea?

  13. Kittra

    I think honestly
    ..that she's probably bored and malnourished ( yes bytches, you can be overfed and deficient..) so I don't wanna hear that "you're fat, how are you malnourished?" bullshit.. it's a very common thing.

  14. Rebecca Morgan

    The food shes eating is exactly Keto, I dont know why shes lying about it but shes for sure doing keto

  15. itsmackenzie

    God damn, her and Amberlynn both want to fit in a booth at a restaurant, don't they think that maybe that is part of the reason they're the way they are.

  16. me_shell

    Chantal wants to be able to fit on a roller coaster…..hell her whole life is a roller coaster!!

  17. tiinale

    In day 1 video she looks like she has no motivations at all to do this and that is just forced thing she has to try. So we all know she is gonna disappear straight away.

  18. Em Gee

    I get where she’s coming from…I mean, I have experienced the negativity of SOBER PRIVILEGE. I am an alcoholic and drug addict, and I really resent SOBER PRIVILEGE. They get jobs, and get to have healthy relationships…it’s BS! I AM SICK OF THE DISCRIMINATION JUST BECAUSE I AM A RAGING ADDICT.

  19. Felicity x

    Her and Amber are on a hinge together ! So much for the new year, new me! They both need impatient care

  20. JJ R

    Why she reads comments is beyond me if she can’t take it. We all have our opinions.

  21. Orange Window

    She’ll be back from either a hospital scare or a in patient stay -something for sympathy .

  22. halodog939

    It takes 30 days to break a habit,not a addiction

  23. walinton

    I disagree. A 400+lbs person should be on a very strict diet, where they are losing the most they can. Reason being, because of the fact that they always fall off at some point and binge eat. Case in point, Amberlynn, Chantal and Jen never really went on an extreme diet and instead gained weight through their "weight loss journey"🤷‍♂️. Why? Because of constant excuse and binging.

    These people will never lose their weight the normal way, they don't strict themselves to it. I know this because I have family that did the exact same thing they do, and it wasn't until the doctors told them that they're at a huge health risk for them to actually go on a strict diet and lose the weight.

    Anyone that's 400lbs+ thinking they going to lose the weight without putting on the work will more than likely always fail. Anyone planning to lose 2lbs a week, when you're 400lbs+ isn't being realistic about their situation and is setting themselves up for failure.

  24. Terri MacKay

    I didn't see her Day 1 video…did she have 127 reasons for losing weight?? 😂😂
    I don't understand why people have to "work at" eliminating junk food and fast food from their diet. I eliminated those things from my diet about a year ago, and I didn't have to "work at" it. My daughter and I talked and decided that we both had to lose weight and start eating a healthier diet. And we just did it. We started that day, and couldn't be happier. My daughter has lost over 100lbs, and I have lost almost 50lbs. My daughter walks every day for 2-3 hours. I can't really do any walking or exercise due to a knee and hip injury, so my weight loss was strictly because of the change in eating habits.
    There is nothing special about either of us, we are just 2 ordinary people that knew we had to get healthier. It can be done, and it is relatively easy.

  25. walinton

    She wants to be able to fit on a rollercoaster? I hope she means by losing weight, because ain't no way in hell imma have a 350+lbs person next to me on a rollercoaster😩 I'm scared😭

  26. walinton

    365 days of wellness = 365 days of trolling😂

  27. Adam Clevername

    This roller coaster has never been fun, ngl.

  28. Halo 1022

    Her and Big AL – twinning as usual…….

  29. May BRITT Rønningen

    She is disse and dont know where IT comes from?Its her weight , and nothing else.

  30. May BRITT Rønningen

    In the end of this years she Will have the same goals , cause she would not lose anything.The ONLY thing she think of is food , makeup and men.Nearly the same AS Amber ,except the men.She could easily get a stroke in her size.To be so big that you couldnt take a Bath or wipe your ass on your own , that must bee very embarasing.

  31. Heather Maul

    cough cough Alr cough cough 572.4 cough cough

  32. Catherine Paris

    Chantal not serious b/c she already lying. She knows she eats way more than 4K a day. All them family size meals she eats. Girl bye

  33. Catherine Paris

    These girls should try guided meditation 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️ . I haven’t used it for weight loss but it has helped me with other issues. There’s a YouTube channel called Michael Sealy that is the truth. His meditations are life

  34. Boobies Wife

    If she lost the 2lbs a week… 2× 52 = 104lbs… she'd still be morbidly obese this time next year.
    She could lose 30lbs a month. She doesn't want to put in the effort!

  35. antinea2

    The thing is you can't go from gorging yourself with fast food to a 1000 calorie/day diet without breaking your diet, specially with an eating disorder.
    First thing first, stop the fast food but eat around 2500 colories/day, once you're not craving fast food anymore start a 1800 calories/day diet. She's HUGE she will lose weight even if she eats 2000 calories/day.

  36. Never2late4beauty

    One can totally do keto or low carb high fat (lchf) with no “products”. She so misinformed.

  37. Martina Dillard

    She should've just made a community post that said see Amberlynn's 127 reasons video. Same for 2020.

  38. Alex Cook

    Chantal and ALR both have this dream of being an 'inspiration ' to someone but they need to focus on themselves. Inspiration is a byproduct it shouldn't be part of your main weightloss goal.

  39. Wildrose

    Only 386 lbs? That's actually not bad for the crap she pours into her mouth. I hope she gets this under control or she'll be just like ALR.

  40. Kristin Moore

    Can't stand this cow but always here for your adorable self 😘

  41. Carly

    Been waiting for this Alex!

  42. Shae Perez

    Dizziness could be a drop in her blood sugar, going back to a more "regular" reading. I know I got dizzy and felt like I was at a low reading when I dropped from the 400s.

  43. Bremusa

    “Tiered of the stairs-“ yeah, no shit, “-that she gets…” oh lol

  44. Trudie Ladenius

    Those weird form above her eyes towards the brows……freaks me out. I did watch a few video's and some reaction channels regarding this woman and I find her gross. Her nasty cackle laugh…she is totally not funny….her stories are gross…she has no manners….it's not for me….

  45. Cheryl Johnson

    Tongue in cheek comment. She has been disconnected from reality for some time.

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