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  1. Charlie Gold

    Alo guys! A bit random, I bought a new camera lense to improve the quality of my videos. Let me know IF you like it! I’ll be getting a better mic soon, as well🙃💛

  2. Melody

    It must be all sorts of uncomfortable to be eating so much, doesn't she feel too full after that?

  3. Laura Doku

    I never knew trays like that existed. You have everything in America.😂

  4. Iamgreg You are not

    I’m sorry when you said he has a specific style I’m sorry I was like creepy uncle pedo style maybe it’s just me 😂

  5. purple clover angela

    Why is she spending Halloween with peetz and not her so called boyfriend. He eats like a gross pig and her ckicky jaw annoys me. She's out of breath just sat there. She needs to wake up. Her followers are just as bad. Idiots

  6. oi im Kyle

    Of course he had a fucking trench coat 🙄😂

  7. Danielle Ruth

    girl your makeup!!!!

    oh and Keanu Reeves played Neo from the Matrix lol

  8. Esme Shore

    I'm getting a craving for sweet potato fries now. However, I will make them in my air fryer with low cal fry light

  9. Esme Shore

    Pete "I don't need to wear a bra"
    Charlie "keep on with this Pete and you will"

  10. zoah whalley

    Ooo Charlie looking like a goddess as always.

  11. Marie

    "diabetes" instead of "BeAUtY bItE" lmao @5:57

  12. Jo-Ann Mahaka

    I only watch people reacting to her and every time I watch a-reaction she seems to be bigger.

  13. bacchiguu86

    I think Peetz, as her ex, that she cheated on and dumped, gets enjoyment out of watching her struggle and ruin her own health. He always has this small smirk on his face and the little comments he makes are jokes that come from a bitter place. I dunno, that's my theory lol

  14. Kam3man

    She found a bra that fits her? Maybe she can find one for Amber too 😂

  15. S S

    Once its online its online forever.

    Yup. Sometimes thats a scary sentence to hear lol

  16. S S

    Love your videos Charlie. Keep doing this. Youre not wrong or rude, you do say nice things when theres actually nice things to say. Also youre so beautiful, and doing so good with your weight and health jorney…i admire how hard working, determined and straighforward you are, thats what bothers these kind of people, hearing the blunt truth and having a large audience hear it too and LIKE it. I had a little pitty for her sometimes as well as amber but not anymore. Theyre both really just begging for disaster and death as harsh as that sound. Maybe its an intended slow suicide who knows ..

  17. Kam3man

    “Hi Becky- I mean Pete” 😂

  18. Kristyn Harvey

    Does she smack more for her feeders? No human smacks this much. Like, Petes/Peetz/however it's spelled is eating completely normally and not going so overboard. Chantal needs to just admit that she is part of the feeder community. Also, why is Bibi never in these? It's always Petes/Peetz/Pete's.

  19. Dang it bobby

    Each time I watch a video about flobby Bobby she just seems to keep getting bigger and bigger!

  20. Danyell Sauer

    Hi Becky 💀👻😂

  21. bratamanda !

    who TF eats like that omg

  22. Gyn

    Idk if you already reacted to this video but I’ll be interested to see a reaction


  23. ALil Unique

    The bra she is talking about is the same bra my surgeon suggested I buy to wear after I had surgery to remove my breast cancer. They have no support but they are soft and comfortable while healing from surgery.

  24. Audrey E

    I always like your makeup but this look is so bomb on you. These are definitely your colors you’re stunning.

  25. Birb Lover

    9:51 anybody else notice how weird her arm proportions are?? Has she gotten lipo on her arms before?

  26. A M

    God I guarantee shes gonna high key regret these choices when shes diabetic. My boyfriend is a diabetic (type 1, so he didnt have a choice) and tbh it sucks, he has to think about it and deal with it constantly. He wouldnt say it cause ehe has no choice but it's true, every meal he eats he has to account for. And, it's been inconvenient before. Tmi, but hes literally had to stop during some fun times (wink wink) because his blood sugar was low and he had to eat / drink to bring it up. And he complains about people like her all the fuckin time. Says they give diabetics a "bad reputation" and he isnt wrong. People who eat themselves to type 2 diabetes just take resources from type 1 diabetics who have no choice, and have given a negative connotation to diabetes. My boi tells people hes diabetic and they literally tell him he cant be, because hes a skinny, healthy looking 19 year college student. And he has to go through the "type 1 has nothing to do with diet or lifestyle etc" and I know it pisses him off. Sorry for ranting but foodie beauty pisses me off a lot and this issue hits close to home for obvious reasons

  27. michelle haggon

    Why does she need 35 bits between sentences

  28. Megan Torres

    Bless us with that sweet potato fry recipe sis 😩🙏 lol

  29. michelle haggon

    She’s an inspiration to me she’s inspired me to bin garbage food and now I’m well on my way to 1 chin

  30. Augustus Dramaticus

    The tray is higher cause her stomach is in the way.
    If I let myself get this big I would be so scared I wouldn't be able to maneuver correctly while driving. It seems like you'd be constantly in the way of yourself .

  31. Sassy Assassin

    I just saw that you subbed to me!!!! Omg, thank You!!!!

  32. Maria Ramirez

    I think we come to this channel to express our opinion
    Because if we post anything on her channel she will delete it
    That is why she doesn't have the like and the dislike button
    I think she would be like amberlyn
    More dislikes then like
    What world is she living in
    She needs a wake up call

  33. MsAnonymous1981

    Just watched someone standing up for you. Hope you’re ok. Can’t believe Foodie Beauty went all ape shit about your vids criticizing her vids. The underwear haul- you were talking about the underwear – not attacking her personally. She didn’t seem to get that most of your videos are about you remembering where you were, and not wanting to go back there. Why is she so offended if she feels ok about her body? Maybe deep down, she isn’t. Instead of taking a long look in the mirror, she’s blaming and lashing out at everyone else. Don’t let her get to you.

  34. Tia Rose

    Geezus you can hear every sound in her mouth 😖

  35. Laraine Calway

    She's not going to be able to walk off the amount of mayonnaise she consumes in this sitting at the pumpkin place.

  36. Jessica Gavel

    She hates the custom
    Of people asking “how are you?”
    Yet that’s her little song she sings ever single video 😂 , oh that hypocrisy is
    Coming in hot! 😂😂😂

  37. It's Rae

    It’s not even chewing that you hear it’s smacking, and it makes me want to smack them.

  38. Laraine Calway

    Peetz don't care, he's just playing along, getting a free meal every so often.

  39. Tenshi Chan

    Oh god, I can't! Their mouth noises are just too much! I know I'm a bit OCD with my disdain for mouth noises when people eat, but I can see when I'm being fastidious about it. I have learned to try to tune it out for the most part, but these two are just too much. It's like they are intentionally snorting and scorfing their food! FFUUUUUCCCCKKK!!

  40. Shars_87

    Ok I ahvwnt seem her in a few months now and she looks so much bigger

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