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  1. Annette Melnychuk

    What was Chantal thinking about? West African food is so hot that she will be on the toilet in tears when it all comes out burning a certain hole down south. I have friends from Nigeria who from time to time made some food for me and everytime I ate it my face was red by the time I finished it

  2. Monica

    Omg she ate his dinner?

  3. Candy Journigan

    We will know fairly quickly if she actually had a hysterectomy. She won't be able to hide the hot flashes that are coming.
    Depression can worsen post op as well. I had a hell of a time after my total hysterectomy, I felt violated & robbed of any chance for more children.

  4. Aymee *

    Senegalese food is absolutely delicious! I hate that she's ruining it for others possibly trying it by gorging on it

  5. Vicky Vlogs

    Chantal doesn't get it's her attitude that everyone hates, not her addiction per say

  6. schlo mo

    Her whole “people at any weight have heart attacks” argument is such a cop out, and she knows it. That’s like someone standing in the middle of a busy road saying “anyone can get hit by a car”. We’ve all seen the honest videos she has made in the past saying how she hates her life. She isn’t fooling anyone, not even herself.

  7. Odin

    She looks like absolute trash.

  8. Simone Taddia

    When I see Chantal, the words in my mind: depression, loneliness, sadness, emptiness, darkness, pain.

  9. Sunnishine 2019

    😳How does she not chew?!😳

  10. Catherine Paris

    Why cant she make the food herself??? Like get a chair. Especially the rice, all u have to do is wait for it. The meat and stew she couldve asked bibi to make it for her and freeze it

  11. Catherine Paris

    We are witnessing a binge. This is ith 5011th video shes done in days. Omg her family should call adult protective services on her

  12. The mindless tuber

    If she can stand up/walk around she can cook. I cant…

  13. rainyraindrop

    It would be nice if Chantal actually could taste the food and chew it. Instead of drowning it with hot sauce and swallowing the rice. She does realize that you can chew rice right?

  14. Joe Smith

    Im gonna push 24/7 to youtube to have her punished/removed if she falsely strikes any channel again, enough of this COW. She is so homely and spherical 🤮🤮🤮 imagine being 35ish and as heavy as a baby killer WHALE!!!! lolololol ewwwwww!!! Im sure her mom wishes her "father" pulled out lol

  15. rainyraindrop

    Chantal never seen a salad in the time she has been on this Earth.

  16. kitten hotel

    Those cats are going to have to be removed from that poxy apartment shortly the way she's going,She can't care for them properly,clean litter trays,vet checks,feeding etc,because of her size and a their used as props for her eating slutery.
    Also she'd starting to come "down" after the pain meds and is gonna hit the ground hard!ha,here for it!

  17. Courtney ReMarks

    23:10 I have never seen someone put themselves in physical pain eating and then TAKE ANOTHER BITE!! I can't understand her gig because i literally forget to eat. I go for at the least 24 hours in between each meal,which I understand isn't normal. HOWEVER….when you're putting yourself in enough pain to make a face like that….mmmm mmmm mmmm…..that just as abnormal as me not even caring to eat just on the opposite end of the spectrum of weird eaters!

  18. Fatima Alm

    A hysterectomy alone make women gain weight like crazy. And she keeps eating like a pig!

  19. Kimmy Middleton

    …" Which is where " Kiki" is from, WEST AFRICAN FOOD"…WHAT TF?? KIKI is from "WEST AFRICAN FOOD"?? Chantal…put your OWN POST SURGERY NARCOTICS DOWN, before vetting a post on your community tab that accuses SOMEONE ELSE of being a " drug addict"… IMHO, chantal is NOTHING BUT a non human DEMONIC entity..LOVE LOVE LOVE as always, Yaba ❤

  20. Janet A.

    "picky about my meat " puhhlzzz that heifer will eat anything that don't eat her first .

  21. Renee Connolly

    Im an old medsurgical nurse and the amount of mothers who had surgery and had to go home to look after a very young family with not much choice about it- she is pitiful.

  22. MoLoMins

    She's talking about Alex and people including myself didn't support that kind of thing. She's an idiot, like she thinks we are there saying "yeah get on with it"?

  23. Andi Ward

    So, so, so very tired of "if you aren't perfect you can't point out mistakes of others."
    It's BECAUSE we have flaws we recognize what isn't right in another's behaviour.

    If my burning house catches the neighbor's on fire and I warn the neighbor they aren't going to say "no, your house is on fire." Both are burning, get away.

  24. Diana Frank

    Cats are cute…..her cat in the intro looks sad….angry…..not festive at all !!!

  25. K F

    "That nobody gives a f* about in real life."
    I thought she had a lot of friends and BiBi was her rock.

  26. Lol Bye

    Bitch is eating with a whole damn shovel

  27. Renee Connolly

    •She doesn't realize… we judge ourselves by our intentions. Others judge us by our ACTIONS. After that- others are left with EXPECTATIONS of what our future actions will be. The best indications of future behaviours are past behaviours that we refuse to let go. If they are harmless- funny, wild, generous, or caring, in amongst a bit of dark humour, gossip or vanity- people are likely to forgive those behaviours. But if we harm others by our past actions through deeper cuts like dishonesty, defaming, attacking via someone's children or parenting or lies about someone's past- then TRUST is gone. •Making amends immediately shows our pre-existing moral compass points… and that we have them.
    •She thinks she is a "Youtuber"… but what she is, is Chantelle filming herself with no filters, and the preening expectation that she will be admired and validated. She still can't see the fatal flaw in this reasoning. That there is no contract to accept her, much less admire her, just because we watch her. An expectation is not a contract.
    All her life she has found people to force to bend to her will, or to lie to. (Catfish). Not this time.

    Plus she sounds like an old man with someone else's dentures in whenever she chews. I cant that. Just cant. I have my reasons.

  28. Lipstick Blue

    She’s going to bust those abdominal staples/stitches if she’s stuffing her face like this 🤦🏼‍♀️

  29. K F

    "Less added sodium" as she drowns her food in Sriracha and eats half a jar of olives

  30. why am I here

    So if I’m not morbidly obese, smoker, or drug user, am I allowed to criticize her? Or am I still not allowed because “I don’t know what it’s like”? She’ll come up with any reason to say you opinion doesn’t count.

  31. Angela Crase

    .. but I don’t understand how her hands are sooo big?! I’ve seen overweight people, myself included, but I’ve never seen someone’s hands get fat. Not swollen, but like actually gain weight. I’m shocked.

  32. cariad81

    It's very sad her video where Bibi actually answers her in sentences, she is so happy he's paid her some attention she's gonna burst 😂

  33. Jasmin Swart

    I can't get my head over the fact she touched the salad with her fingers, felt it was "wet", licked her fingers, touched her hair, used her fingers for the plantains, touched hair again then ate a few things with her fingers, touched Bibi's food boxes… Hun (or Zackary Michael's ma'am sis gurl) and you wonder why your hair is a mess???? There are certain meals we use our hands for (traditional meals), some meals traditionally eaten with spoons, but gurl we never touch our hair or everything around us when using our right hand to eat!

  34. Adrianne Rivera

    People that are "kinda picky about meat" don't laugh that they don't know what's in the meatballs but eat them anyway. And Ms Potato head looks nothing like Tess Holiday so she needs to drop that now!😁🐷🤡

  35. CC

    I honest to god wish she would log off youtube! This girl truly believes she is some celebrity youtuber, it cracks me up. Hell I need to get my hands on whatever medication she is popping because it seems to give her this sense of being this grandiose person, I want to be grandiose tooooo…

  36. Mary Smith

    Beauty bite, my arse 😑

  37. Work Shop

    Did she say cart before the whores?

  38. Hayley Phoebe

    😹😹😹Dumbass got a reality check cos at the end of the day of copyright strikes u have to have the money to take the other person to court hence why the only copyright strikes that hold up r usually of the studios and networks that r billion dollar companies

  39. kai kito

    Seemingly, she has two sites; this one ( her diet/weight loss one) , and a feeder channel. She videos the diet video and a video for the feeders on the same day. That is where she makes her money.And as far as the struggling to cook due to recuperating….fuck off, you drama queen.After several amputations I was supposed to stay in hospital for three weeks. A fortnight after having left hospital after a two month stay, I was back in for several amputations.They wanted me to stay in for three weeks; I left after six days. ( In a lot of pain) I did as much as I could – every day – to live my old life. I was in real pain. ChantelVessel isn't in pain,but she is milking this situation as much as she can.This is all a con job. She is trying to be nice ; yet a total bitch is a total bitch.She is a genuinely nasty bitch.So don't watch her channel – giving her your money! Watch this channel as well as other reaction sites. They are far more entertaining and interesting!

  40. Debra Rollins

    I was thinking the same. She goes from farting and purposefully smacking her lips to all subdued, ALMOST apologetic and semi depressiveness (sp?) And back from healthy greasy kfc to home made carry out plantains n rice. Personality swings? Hormonal craziness from a hysterectomy? I'm lost dude!

  41. Sarah Locklear

    The cupcake chick was hit by jen by life or some shit….so that's shes talking about it…bc I watched callies video…

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