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  1. anonymous sox

    this video was uploaded on my bday <3

  2. Kaitlyn Kenley

    The fact that they think they know more than professional doctors baffles me. If they don’t want or enjoy certain foods sit down and talk to the doctors to work with what’s best for them. They would rather “binge” on fast foods and have thousands of calories in one meal. Don’t like processed foods then don’t buy them. I struggle with my weight as well and I count my calories and portion control like its my job. If they want to see results then they need to work for it not just expect it to work. They also need exercise but they don’t really want it and they’ll never lose the weight until they are serious about it.

  3. sue lawson

    50,000 deaths WORLDWIDE? Eating sausages for the first time in 3 weeks tonight 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Jess Mess

    Okay but who eats sliced mangoes wrapped in lettuce

  5. Jocey Noyes

    Before I had gastric bypass, I had to go thru a diet program from the hospital and for about six months or so, I didn't have fruits and veggies – except what was in the prepared meals. So they could monitor EVERYTHING I was taking in. Plus the sodium content is to make sure you're drinking more water and peeing the bad stuff out asap. But what do they know, I mean they only got the degrees and such. The borderline illiterate knows best, and the person who makes drastic changes and fails all the time knows best. Fuck almighty.

  6. naina salian

    I feel like just going to NUTRITIONIST is not gonna help if you have problems with eating join yoga or gym classes activities to workout rather than keep discussing food and being stuck in the circle of food

  7. Em Dee

    We can falsify a hypothesis or repeat an experiment enough times to gather a body of evidence that SUPPORTS a claim.

  8. 99fireandice

    “It’s jsut a lot of processed meats and sodium”

  9. O T U

    Both of them just need to go to inpatient care and get help for their eds.

  10. Ivy M

    How about stop focusing on food and changing your relationship with it. Those two keep trying to find the perfect food formula. Hint-there is none. Focus on why you’re obsessed. I’ve maintained a weight loss of 130 lbs. I’m not talking out of the air

  11. solfreq

    wow, your videos are so educational! subscribed 🙂

  12. Shannon W

    It seems to me that these two tell people what the doctor wants them to eat or diet. They purposely Deceive their audience to get them to find something negative in the plan, so they have a reason just to give up.

  13. Lil Glitch Juice

    I’m about to cry

  14. Annie McDougal

    They always talk about the diet plan, but don't follow through. Now, she's not gaining as fast as ALR, but she has gained, and hasn't lost a pound in 2 years of posting weight loss plans.

  15. Annie McDougal

    A babybel is farrrrrrrrrr from a block of cheese.

  16. Julie Delafontaine

    I also used to get the conflicting info from doctors like she mentioned, 7 months after having gastric surgery i told my surgeon i was doing keto and he said i need to eat potatos more etc… 🤔

  17. Izzy Blizz

    I can't she isn't trusting a doctor that has studied for weight loss and diets and has a degree for it over some freaken Medium who has no knoweldge of weight loss and is basically bullshitting

  18. Ellen E

    Your videos are always so well thought out and researched! You're like the Spill of the nutrition-drama (lol) on youtube.

  19. Lt. Flash

    I feel bad for her tbh. I don’t feel bad for amberlyn but I feel like foodie beauty actually wants help but she just doesn’t understand this stuff enough and how unhealthy it actually is. I believe she should be put in a weight loss clinic and I believe that she would come out 10x happier

  20. totoro myneighbour

    The GP didn't plant any seed lmao. Just like Amber, Chantal looks for loopholes and excuses, and she found one in her GP's words. It's why she was careful to tell us about that discrepancy. The Medical Medium is the celery juice guy.

  21. Jacki Powers

    I really hate the background music you use. Makes me sleepy so I can’t enjoy your Vlog.

  22. shurb ington

    Did you speed the video up? I thought she was talking normally. Why is she talking so slow?
    Longer video with more money?

  23. Witch bennett

    There was a researcher that in order to prove a point, lost 40lbs on a “Twinkie diet”. He ate foods like Oreos and hostess cakes, but he counted all the calories and was very successful. His intention was to prove that food is simply energy. I thought of this when Chantal first did the turkey pepperette rant. Yes, non processed foods are always better, but at this point, these women can’t make it through a day without going through a drive through. Learning portion control should be their main priority.

  24. Angela Edwards

    I hope she doesn't give up all animal products. That would be a mistake. There are hundreds…maybe thousands of videos here on YouTube that show just how malnourished and prematurely aged the vegans are. It's awful. Sure, going vegan may help with initial weight loss but at what cost? I'd recommend Keto.

  25. JessPeachee

    I don’t know if it matters but in the description it says “heck out” instead of “check out “

  26. Heather Hamilton

    Oh shit! Spirits in the after life suffer from obesity and binge eating disorders too!! 🤣 I’m sorry, I just can’t right now! 😆

  27. Rae Lily

    Medical medium?! What a crock of shit.

  28. Jamila Williams

    Seeing Amberlynn and Chantal just quit weight loss doctor plans without even giving them enough time to work just burns me. I’ve been seeing a dietician, who has me on a strict low carb diet. There have been so many times where I’ve been upset at not having things that I want, but at the end of the day, I have lost 18 pounds in a month on this diet, more than DOUBLE what I have ever managed to lose in a month on my own, which is why I know it will work. But that’s the thing, it’s hard and takes discipline and that’s why it’ll never happen if you aren’t in the right frame of mind.

  29. larry w .

    what the actual fuck is wrong with these two ? its literal insanity.

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