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  1. WideVodsGGX

    like the video 🙂

  2. 5220TokTok

    chat is hilarious, greekgod foreverxxxx

  3. Mysteries And Thoughts

    Imagine he gets super ripped?
    Like a Greek God

  4. empireofdirt13

    My mans a Different guy now.salute

  5. JimmyWatchingGames

    I had a medical issue for a few years that led me to gain a lot of weight. I felt really bad about myself. I still couldnt go to the gym because of the permanent medical problem i have, but this year I decided I was going to at the very least loose the weight by change my eating habits. From the 1st of January to the 30th March I lost 30pounds and still maintained most of my losses as of today – obviously not all of it as i've become a bit more relaxed with the whole dieting thing. Either way I've recently wanted to get back into it fully to end out the year, and this video has really givne me that extra bit of motivation to get back into it like I did at the beginning of the year

  6. osu fuckboi

    i'm gonna sumarize what and how you should do, since some stuff he says doesn't go hand in hand with whats right and whats not.
    start slow by only drinking water no other sugary drinks, not even juice or anything like that only water, train your mind and realize what you're eating. i think when overweight people realize and when they compare meals they get better perspective. if you're overweight. write down everything you do on a free day. the next day, go to a skinnier person to hang out, and ask him what he does everyday. if they're maybe walking more. how is their diet different. you need to notice these small details because they add up. i'm 65-67kg 180cm tall. each day i walk as a MINIMUM of 4k steps. in school. you should always aim for 10k, even if that makes u eat more. realize what food you're eating. fat is always good when going on a diet, fat gives you energy for a longer period of time while other things like rice and potatoes gives you somewhat of an explosive punch. carbs are not good for losing weight. fat is better. oh and aswell. when you drink water you actually loose weight. it burns more calories to drink water then it adds. per liter you loose like 20grams or something like that. which is not alot, but it's certainly better than adding 20 grams. you don't need to exercise. as long as you're not sitting still in the same room all day. you don't need to exercise. just focus on eating less carbs. more protein and fat. ONLY water when you're on the diet. something else really helpful is to read how much a certain product contains per 100mg. and compare it to other healthy stuff. for example compare a chocolate bar to a a pack of minute rice. the chocolate bar will most problaly contain more sugar and carbs than the entire rice pack. even though it might wheigh 5 times less.

    carbs is energy. when the explosive fast energy is not used it contains on the body in the form of bodyfat. carbs become useless as energy very quickly compared to fat. therefore fat will always be a better choice to eat. proteins also work this way, but they're not used as energy. they're used to rebuild muscle after it has been broken down. too much protein is not healthy either. idk if it's just sweden but we have something called the plate model. it's basically contains of what you should have on your plate. 50% vegetables or fruit. 25% carbs and 25% meat. you''ll not be hungry since vegetables are a good way of not being hungry. they give you vitamins and even protein, which some people apparently doesn't know.
    i hope i helped. just comment if anyone is wondering.

    oh and btw if you're really serious about loosing weight. google LCHF, it stands for low carbs high fat diet. the more fat you eat, the more weight you loose. as long as you're not eating carbs. like at all. not even chewing gums

  7. Zikavirus

    Good for him, that makes me happy.

  8. TheAngelArrow

    drinking too much water is actually unhealthy, it can also kill you, makes me cringe when i see people say "NO" in chat

  9. Chieve Moe

    Shit ton of ads

  10. MyPussyBleeding

    Who's this guy

  11. Gudilth

    That development is astonishing. I’m happy about this change of his lifestyle.

  12. Joseph C

    Damn he looks really good

  13. Martin Holt

    Greek lost a little weight and now he thinks he's a dietitian zs

  14. sammy andes

    A true god

  15. John Quinn

    I lose weight just from sleeping 😉

  16. Tom Smiff

    You look like Roman Bellic

  17. Lionsz1

    anyone else here underweight?

  18. デッド D E A D


  19. Happy

    Bro who is this man?

  20. Simeon Galda

    "Holy shit… Holy hsit u look good" 😀

  21. Isaac Petko

    When greekgodx has postnut clarity

  22. The Sen8

    This just makes me happy

  23. Kayaze

    Yeah to lose weight just stop consuming trash.

    Drink water and eat unprocessed foods. Pay attention to the type of foods you eat, as you want unsaturated fats, not saturated fats or hydrogenated oils. Stay away from butter and the like, but dont stop consuming them completely. No patatos for a bit after you start. Like for 2 weeks. If you work out eat meat. Lots of meat. If you are vegan you will need external supplements to boost your protein intake. Eat some greens that you like. Idk like broccoli or asparagus or even celery.

    Not lettuce tho that shit is trash. And dont eat a lot of salad and only salad. That is a recipe for disaster. Eat until you are full, but eat good things. Just salad is not filling.

  24. Jr Chayo

    You look like you went to jail and just got out

  25. From Out Of Nowhere

    Wow that’s wowing wow

  26. Javier Perez

    He looks like a Gustavo.

  27. William Morales

    Greek looking fresh, I'm happy for him

  28. Brandon TriHard


  29. Jephya

    Christ your chat throughout this very thoughtful video is absolute pepega cancer.

  30. Brandon Rodriguez

    Holy shit!!!! He was chubby not to long ago!! Awesome

  31. Hunter Haefner

    big W

  32. Jeroad

    He cloned

  33. Ghoul Hands

    cough lipo cough

  34. mushyMax54

    HOLY SHIET!! HE CHANGED A LOT!! Mad respect to ya dude!

  35. LongCunt Flaps

    Crack ?

  36. Pain Killers

    Greek actually looks good ngl

  37. Edgar Trejo


  38. Viktorr

    Holy fucking shit has he changed

  39. Joel Horstman

    He’s so on point

  40. TropezGaming

    I respect Greek SO much more now seriously

  41. maiiso

    Realize what you are eating, write down for one week every day what you are consuming
    Don't go cold turkey as you will probably fail, switch from sugary drinks to their 0 sugar version of it, then to water.

  42. Anthony BCI

    He looks so weird

  43. Spence B

    I’m proud of gweek

  44. Killcode1103


  45. Harry Truesdale

    No more snackies :’(

  46. Andyy

    Greeks looks so good holy shit.

  47. Dean Mooney

    Anyone else think he’s looks depressed lately

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