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  1. Sara Rashid

    Does it taste nice though???


    Great job. I love juicing and making smoothies and this looks great!

  3. Whaynna Araugo

    More smoothies recipes thank yoi god bless

  4. Arjun M

    Hey, Yovana Your Facial Appearance have changed from the Past. This Video is Great Keep Uploading More Videos of Smoothies

  5. Diana Rogel

    What brand is your blender? Please share that info. I would like to purchase the same one.

  6. Browngirl

    What can I substitute the pineapple with, it blisters my tongue so I cannot eat it.

  7. Nov X

    This smoothie can also be used to treat SIBO with 1 modification, and i'm not going to tell you what that extra special ingredient is unless i get 600 likes on this comment . lol

  8. Matthew Lahman

    Aww so cute cheeks + teeth love parsley for the blood and inflammation.

  9. Lzmrm Dz91

    Never follow advice from a fake vegan that promotea eating disorders instead of a healthy ethical lifestyle 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟

  10. Detroit Diesel

    Looks like a jar full of bloat.

  11. Udo Ka

    She looks better with less make up please stop the false lashes or atleast get natural looking lash extensions you look better natural

  12. Desgra ciao

    Can I add fish to it like you do?

  13. Amanda Pendleton

    Your skin is glowing!

  14. leslie

    can long can i drink this for?

  15. Jes Michaud

    I'm confused, I always see smoothies as "cold" but there is no ice or frozen fruit. Is this a smoothie or a juice?

  16. Rossy Paris

    Love this smoothie recipe thank you for sharing it❤️

  17. Hamstergnstr

    Any replacement for pineapple? Allergic to it 🙁

  18. Daliana Maltez

    you look beautiful.

  19. July Stamey

    Yes, please more smoothie recipes!!! 🙂 Thank you!

  20. Razial

    Damn girl you are so fine!

  21. blkrebel gp56

    Yo she got the juice!

  22. Whaynna Araujo

    What can i replace for the pineapple

  23. nery

    Hi rawvan! If I can’t eat pineapple, I am allergic it is any substitute? That I can used insist pineapple please let me know thank you 🙏

  24. Matthew Oakley

    There's one juice you need to lay off a bit: alcohol.

  25. carolina aviles

    More recipes please

  26. Bebe Gurl


  27. Anna B

    why was this stupid thot recommended to me again oh and fix your lashes ratchet ass

  28. Peace out, Shadia!

    It’s about time I get back on track, I feel like a big fat blah 🥵

  29. Leah Slay

    I made it this morning and it's so good, thank you so much!!! I put it all in my ninja blender, it was too chunky so I put it in a smaller blender and then it was way less chunky 😊😊

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