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  1. Apurvnegi Negi

    Is Duncan's a good brand ?

  2. Lokesh vijay

    It's better if you face camera …good information thank you

  3. Dominique Woolley

    How often do you drink green tea?

  4. Ayin Cruz

    Wow! Very informative video❤️❤️🌿🌿🌿Green Tea/Matcha from Japan are excellent quality. 🇯🇵⛩👍

  5. Sasha Sembrano

    Is it okay if i drink Coffee then you take a tea after?

  6. Manasa Maru

    Hlw…. Vicky ma'am thque so much for diz information… ur like a library to me…. I used to follow ur diet planzzzz…. all r awesome from yesterday m start up with ur banana n oats receipe (fused) (alternative days – please correct me if m doing wrong) will come with the result….. I tried ur water fasting n d result is awesomeeee once again Thque so much……

  7. Alia Jaan

    Very nice reviews thank you😁

  8. Shaima Abdul Rahman

    I have lemongrass green tea? ?
    Is it good for weight loss? ??

  9. basava raj

    Pls help when is the proper time to consume green tea for workers

  10. AI Chang

    Here in japan we drink green tea with honey 🍯 😇mostly an old woman 👵 anti encimer 😅

  11. Ureba Queen123

    I am in Pakistan I want to order it how can I order macha green tea

  12. Erica Tamang

    I am 41kg and that’s fine but my friend is the same age but 50kg so I am helping her so thanks

  13. Reshma Reshu

    I wanna take green tea and I will drinking tea it will take or not

  14. Mani Malar

    Original green tea name

  15. Apsi Shaik

    Superb video😘

  16. Lipsha Choudhury

    So is it ok to drink green tea after breakfast, lunch & dinner?

  17. Tina Shamji

    Can u use the same tea bags for next use

  18. T B

    Mam I have recently subscribed to your channel. Mam I am an anemic and I have bleeding issues. Can you please advice me what I should drink to reduce weight.

  19. nazreentaj A

    nursing women can take green tea?

  20. Holly M

    I like the matcha green tea by lipton

  21. Lethu Mthiyane

    Hey guys it really does help out
    What’s important is you must not add anything to it and it works at it’s best function

  22. leya dionatius

    Not good for heart patients?

  23. star star

    I loved your accent.

  24. Iris Eiselt

    How can i buy this green tees ? In Germany Please ???

  25. Sara Afreen

    Mujhe aap ki sab video pasand hai Mai har video follow karti hon aapki bus aap Zara hindi me bhi boliye plzzzzz

  26. ancy santhia

    Eye opener,excellent of you mam

  27. Chudhary Misbah

    Vicky your all videos are helpful and trustable

  28. Lyric4L

    Maybe I am not researching correctly, but I seem to see that Green tea is good for people with heart problems.

  29. jdeepams

    Hi i m taking green tea for weight loss. Along with B.fast, lunch and dinner want to take green tea ah mam. Watever food we take also green tea shall we take?? Pls rly mam.

  30. Gabby Henrgy

    I love green tea best drink with a lot of healthy benefits

  31. Puza Zha

    Madam can i use any company green tea

  32. Renuka Akkangari

    Nice information ✋ tq

  33. Arjun Soni

    Can I use Tobacco leaves?

  34. Kelleymarie Jones

    I love her accent! Presentation is very important when introducing a product!

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