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  1. Richard Michael

    No offence but I'm really confused about gender transitioning, like is it voluntary or not?

  2. Ray Cabrera

    i definitely knew the trans people before they said anything, you can tell from the timbre of their voice for the most part.

  3. YK ME

    0:56 It wasn't weird until you said it was, you awkward person you.

  4. Gowshik Ganesan

    What if those kids see this video of davion and find out the truth

  5. Emma Kat

    I saw the black guy come in and at first glance I thought it was Kevin Hart 😂😂

  6. Ian R

    damn thats the preetiest guy ive seen(in a not gay way)😅

  7. nhi

    I needed to know if the surgeon guessed correctly with the booty. Why was that cut out?! Lol

  8. Itzel Vincent

    I have formulated a crush on that guy in the green trousers in 12.5 minutes (facepalm)

  9. Zachary Myers

    Damn!! Ilah is beautiful!!!

  10. Danielle Phillips

    Is davion in the new Harry’s commercial

  11. hoesssaaayyy my name

    Yooooooo thatattatatt asss doeeee 😊😋😉😁

  12. GM

    What’s the last guys Ig he’s cute

  13. rania

    7:33 did she just say “i’m horny, nice to meet you”?

  14. Gloria Nkirote

    That lady is a kids try mum😂😂


    I still can't believe that booty is real…

  16. pattithestranger


  17. Tiara

    Did any one else clock the 2 transgenders? I immediately knew

  18. Lucifer

    The doctor is a buzz kill. He def eats ass.

  19. Jay

    I don't swing that way but Haley is fine.

  20. Emily Hernandez

    The last one was hot assffff

  21. BottomsupET

    Man the girl in the green that said she would get everything done is gorgeous. Please dont get anything done

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