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2019-05-12 Anxiety Comment 38

Use anxiety meditation before sleep, let you relax your guilt and learn how to deal with anxiety and stress. When you…, the relief will arrive in time. Click here!Anxiety Freedom Today Offers Help And Support To Those Suffering From Social Anxiety, Ptsd, And Generalised Anxiety.


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  2. black berry

    This soothing voice is so relaxing….Fantastic, great 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

  3. Steven Hatton

    Word of advice get of social media watch your anxiety disappear

  4. Kaitlynmarie6LPS

    This works so well 👍🏻❤️

  5. Olivia Pilot

    I am still in high school and a get school anxiety, I have started to get better grades and I have opened up A LOT more to my friends at school, this helped me so much . I was going to therapy and the school councillor I guess all I actually needed was this calming video . All of this has helped so much ! I finally feel ok , in was un able to be the hyper crazy girl I am with that stress and anxiety I finally relise I can be . I just needed the right foundation to base my mind on ad this video DEFINITELY gave it to me. Of I had this a year ago I would never have suffered the same depression.
    Thank you so much !

  6. eden overend

    Had a really tough time a few months back with anxiety. Recently been feeling that anxiety come back, so I’m so glad I’ve found these videos to stop it in its tracks. Thank you!

  7. PopularGaming

    My mum is going through chemo and my dad committed suicide 6 years ago so I am very scared of losing my mum, I am going to listen to this tonight and hopefully it helps thanks for the video mate

  8. Sqllysface

    This guy sounds like a very friendly Jeremy Clarkson. But nevertheless his voice is very soothing and helped me feel calm on my way to school on the bus, as I had an anxiety attack before I left my house. So I thank you, heavily 🙂

  9. Kelsey Gordon

    I really wish you would do a video for ocd/intrusive thoughts.

  10. Barack Obama

    This is the only video that actually calms me enough to sleep.
    Thank you

  11. Rig Maee

    I'm tired asf but anxiety got me up for no reason…..HELP

  12. kaylee belay

    I've been struggling bad with my anxiety. This is so nice to listen to before bed, puts me to sleep everytime!

  13. CaptainBlunt

    I've listened to this at least 5 times and I never finish it! I think I have once when my anxiety was really bad at night and I couldn't sleep at all. But it helps so much! I never knew a simple YouTube video could help me actually fall asleep!

  14. No Gym Needed&ジムが要らない

    This saved me after filing taxes tonight..

  15. Pumpkin Butt

    This had truly helped me be able to relax and fall into a deep sleep

  16. Jaime Pacheco

    By far my favorite guided meditation video

  17. Jesse Banks

    This on iTunes ? Would like to download to listen to it without YouTube

  18. Andres O

    This video is very helpful I have not slept in three nights I have so many noises in my head and they all come to play at night, I don’t know how to turn them off. Seeing this video helped a little thank you.

  19. Adele Silverman

    Love exploring your older work. It is all so wonderful.

  20. Lola McDonald

    This is the only thing that I can fall asleep to, I've been haveing anxiety for the last 3 years and have not fell asleep up till like 2 in the morning. Thank you for helping me fall asleep

  21. Lisa G

    I listened at work just out of curiosity. I did not want to turn this off. I started closing my eyes by my computer. LOL! I am going to listen to this at bedtime. Thank you!

  22. Anna M

    I love ur voice it's so soft and relaxing

  23. c b

    I listen to this most nights for three months now, helps calm my anxiety and lulls me to sleep. So grateful for it ♡

  24. Cathy Robins

    This sounds really informative I just wish he would speak up alittle my volume is up as high as it goes he has a very soothing voice though

  25. Ash Shines

    This is very different from the typical anxiety meditations as this actually discusses anxiety and relaxation in a different way.

  26. Rita Henson

    Thank you so much for sharing this my world is such a better place to live in

  27. Yusuf Deniz İNAN


  28. kasia oleszek

    can i just let go of anxiety at some point without the end result being to fall asleep!??

  29. Hannah Freed

    Aah, just what I needed

  30. Dave Beecher

    thank you

  31. El Buffalo 20

    Thanks for this, it helps 😴 respect to you.

  32. DontEatTheJellyfish

    Found this yesterday when it was around 4 am and I couldn't sleep, my intrusive and repetitive thoughts had gone completely mad after a movie that I tried to sleep to first but as soon as I started following your meditation I slept soundly. Don't think I even made it through the whole meditation before being able to be calm enough to sleep. Thank you so much!
    You're voice is extremely soothing btw

  33. Quito González


  34. Bitches From The Ghetto

    Wow I love your voice 😫

  35. Akire etak

    I was drowning in my dream because of the sound of the ocean loved it! Thank you so much

  36. Peter Rae

    Brilliant video,helps relax me big time I use it daily ,hoping this will work for my insomnia and anxiety over time.
    Thank you

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