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  1. Rahma Nur

    “I do smokey eye, look real cute and then go and wash my dishes” 😂😂❤️

  2. Bae max

    I just don't understand how is the video untill i read the comments..🤗

  3. iagosamet

    “I have the Somali forehead ! Thx mom and dad “ who can relate 🙋🏾‍♀️

  4. Esma k

    That's just a girl who do her make up. But that isn't a girl with hijab, that's isn't a hijab, no way. Don't associate her with Islam because you can't see Islamic things on her.

  5. Wahoo Memes

    im somali too.

  6. mariamadjt


  7. Hafize Sabah

    How cute u r 😍😍

  8. Tamanna Aktar

    she is soo somalii like

  9. AqsaShawlena Music Lyrics

    Soooooo pretty 😍😍😍😍😍

  10. Abdi Fatah

    I lyk how she pronounce 'girl'……..n the accent

  11. God Gift

    Tbh I love your personality than ur outside beauty!!!!


    Real Beauty!💖💕❤😭

  13. Anime Kid

    My mom is named halima

  14. rabia

    shes so pretty😍

  15. Tamara Bossler

    She is stunning ❤️ absolutely beautiful / love her commentary 😂

  16. Daniah Alkandeli

    Girl u are so beautiful!

  17. Halima Begum

    she’s so cute!! and her skin looks flawless 😍

  18. Dahabo Abdikadir

    she's taking one for the beautiful hijjab woman out here <3 <3 <3

  19. Kyana Jane

    How can some people look like that . I’m out here looking like a patato 😭🤦🏻‍♀️

  20. Baba Subraa

    She looks nice that's why I like Somali girls so humble pretty looking

  21. Nazliya S211

    she’s gorgeous 😍😍😍

  22. Shabnam Sherzai

    Who thinks she is a perfect match with Trevor Noah

  23. hanini achim

    Okey, Vogue. Now we need Yuna to do her GRWM

  24. Huda

    She is so cute and beautiful 😍❤️

  25. مريم بايحيي

    Love you hlmh

  26. humeyramine

    As a hijabi girl myself I did expect to like her, but loving her was a surprise. Go get them with that attitude girl!

  27. TY Track

    OMG this is so great.

  28. Arwa 55

    10:22 same☺️

  29. Hassan Farah

    Why Somalian girls are gorgeous danm😘😍

  30. Alyssa

    I never even notice someone’s forehead until they say “my forehead is huge!” And even then I’m like.. no it’s not? Like?? Why do girls always say that lol i have never seen a girl in my life and thought “wow she has a huge forehead”

  31. Charline Bouz

    What moisturiser does she use??

  32. Maxine Fabregas

    She has such beautiful skin.

  33. Jaden Chol

    She proved everyone wrong, she is the first Muslim women who became a model, which people said she couldn't do.

  34. sweetpyramidgirl

    She doesn’t have aggressive features eg. Big nose, big lips, wide face… she fits into the norms of the industry like Iman. Cute personality and face though.

  35. Just Me

    Why is make up allowed, its a cheating to deceive men,women say they want real men, but are fake as F

  36. Vu Linh

    wow your skin look beautìul, your dark glowing skin…. i want that


    She has a great personality. I love these vids.

  38. Mohamed Abdi .Abdullah

    It was such a fun watching this artist having fun with her beauty.

  39. Mindy Kwon

    She literally makes me smile…❤️

  40. Salwa Bukha

    She is so pretty

  41. Can We Hit 200 Subscribers Without Videos?

    Anyone know which green lipgloss that is?

  42. Alexis Olivas

    shes so perfect i loveeeeee

  43. M Kz

    her skin and beauty made my confidence – 0000000 lol

  44. Gothic Punk Bae

    Y u so prette doe?

  45. b٠n vhg

    So cute😍😍 mashallah

  46. Ayda Taha

    I'm the one with the enormous forehead! urs is tiny Halima

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