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  1. Mellow Swirls

    Hi 👋 am a small gachatuber and I want tips on how my videos are turning out so if you can, can you please check out our latest music video Tomboy and if you want you can make a video reacting to it, you can say what you personally think of it 🤗

  2. Van Fletcher

    plz give me a shout out

  3. Michael Obra

    Nice video

  4. ItzgachNezza Meh

    “Shit up”🤦🏽‍♀️😂

  5. Alesha Buckley


  6. Faith Ashe loves unicorns

    DAMN! continuously sings “wHy YoU gOtTa Be So RuDe~”

  7. Dini Ralte

    When you are not happy with the ending that means it's start your new life again☺

  8. •Yui Chu•

    Legend says that no one knows what happened to his future fiancè

  9. •Yui Chu•

    Legend says that no one knows what happened to her best friend

  10. XxGacha CookiexX

    This made me cry

  11. wishh :3

    why wasn't this recommended to me earlier? dang youtube..

  12. Meggie NguyenSmith

    Not every ending is a happy ending
    Me: well I want it to be
    That’s the great thing about fan fiction it ends until we say it ends

  13. Gacha Magen

    Heck this is nice ❤️✨


    I wish I Had A Baby Sister

  15. Sabirina Jama

    Pretend I said something that deserves likes

  16. Its_Sweetcat_ UwU

    Wowwww this GLMM is sooooooo best

  17. Jun Villanueva

    Their happy ending:
    Damian dies….. goes to heaven sees. Meryl. Boom. Happy. Ending

    ( Sorry. My things. Bbrokenn)

  18. CowKittyFloof :3

    im preeetty sure this person was just like “im too lazy to continue thisssss, ill just make her die!”

  19. CowKittyFloof :3

    AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT READ “result” AS “ resUlute” ???? Lol 😂

  20. TurquoisePhoenixWolf Tides_Gacha

    nuuuu pt2 pls even though she died

  21. Jayson Del Rosario

    friend: shut UPPP!! 😑😲😲😲😲😲

  22. Gacha Unicorn


    why you bullying me?😢

  23. Ms Furry

    2:00 accidental cuss word

  24. Sara Alpha

    Ik "not every ending has a happy ending " Cause I've heard this in every gacha vid 😥😅

  25. LilDemonicGalaxy

    That wasn’t the bet the bet was to make someone who hates her laugh at lunch not make someone fall in love with her 😂

  26. gacha Demon Girl_playz

    Why did you make me cry 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 it is really not a happy ending… Uh and I really loved it


    shit up

  28. Gacha Girl


  29. Cookie Wolfgang

    This so cringey

  30. oOBluezieOo

    No hate but why is the text so small..?

  31. moira mudzongo

    Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. MY Meryl died. I think I miss spelled her name oh well. 😅😭😭😭

  32. Rainbow Kitty

    Why you gotta do that to me 😭😭😭 you’re so cruel 😭😭😭

  33. Aspen Gutierrez

    "Hard to get"
    Girl says shes his girlfriend & they fall in love so on
    Me: Wait…
    Five year old sister starts speaking the truth but has fluent English and doesnt cry as being called slut like any 5 yr old
    Also me: Wait.
    Not every ending is a happy ending
    Also also me: Whosaidiwantedhertolive?

  34. Logan D Cooper

    pastel wofl did this

  35. T Pham

    ;-; I'm sad be my grandpa died of cancer……. I'm actually crying irl

  36. Xx_Walzr Midnight_xX

    Ooooooh! YAMMY REACTED TO YOU! Yammy's video reaction: https://youtu.be/7gT_rFYR8Ao


    Why tho

  38. Mirrin Provan

    😢 I LOVE IT

  39. Potatvy

    aight imma cry

  40. Lois Heard

    Pretty please with ice cream and sprinkles and cheese on top can you make a part 2,also como esta

  41. Acik Awin

    She has tail but where is ear

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