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  1. Victoria Taylor

    All GREAT tips! Tip #3 is SO important! When I assess the situation it's typically, stress. Dope vid! 👌🏾

  2. Dave Valle

    Yo you really my bro, you always know what to say to make be feel shit makes sense again. I applaud you big homie.

  3. Arthur Skinner

    This is dope bro. I went from 484 to 348 since 2017…still at it. Always good to know someone else knows the fat boy struggle.

  4. C L

    How do you figure out ur body type?

  5. Bertholomew Bailey

    I’m there right now! Great video

  6. James Joyner

    My shoulders and back are tight. I can't hold the barbell behind my shoulders to do squats

  7. Battalon

    Why did you set your latest vid on private? I need motivation to hit the gym often.
    Please release the vid!

  8. Antony Kibet

    i do go to the gym 5 days a week i do cardio for 30 mins and do weight lifting, been trying to loose weight instead im gaining more weight!!! what could i be doing wrong i started at 87 now im up to 93 kgs!! i eat 1 meal a day breakfast i do oats and a banana for lunch/ dinner i take cooked veges and abit of either rice or dry indian roti… before the gym i take coffee double espresso and a banana train for 2 hours… please help

  9. Living It Up With Khuzzie

    I needed to hear this RIGHT NOW 🙏🏼

  10. joshua patterson

    Not All Heros Wear Capes 😢😢

  11. Hafeez Romans

    Took a two month sabbatical and went ham, gained 12 lbs. Back on my regimen. Already down 4lbs…have another 36lbs to go.

  12. JustDark ッ

    I’ve been watching your videos for the past week and i love this channel !! I have a boxing match in 3 weeks and I have to slim down to 160 and rn I’m weighing at 182 and I’m been taking your advice and i love it man thanks bro hopefully I can make it to 160 😊

  13. Reecetopher

    my 7 year old son loves to exercise please check out his video on our channel and maybe say hi… thanks

  14. AsianBarbieOVOXO

    I love love love love his channel, his content, the way he admits with honesty “I myself have fallen off track for months and gained back all the weight” he makes me feel like it’s so much more possible to recover from that and to carry on pushing and trying. And that Its okay to go off track sometimes, I have been following this guy for years, I highly always value what he says because he never tries to sell us anything, he never has spoken about some pills or tea everything he says is so simple and doable and money saving

  15. LENARD Stephen

    Thanks a lot some of us needed to here this , weight loss is not easy for all , but the try and try again is definitely what I need to here
    Much love from Philly!

  16. Jay Baptiste

    Right on time. I was feeling this way yesterday. The negative talk started and I felt myself going down. I reminded myself that I will succeed this time and quitting is not an option. I only lost 4 lbs in August, but I’m not going to stop. Still learning what I need to do.

  17. YFBN TV

    Dope intro 💪 new subs 🔥

  18. Beast Mode

    You have to enjoy working out… I go from 195 to 260 alot lol but by choice. Once you understand how your body works it becomes so easy. Exactly what he says in video is part of it too.

  19. Shari GetzFit

    When u slack and fall off just say Hey shit happens and keep it moving. Its Not over.

  20. Shari GetzFit

    💪AND ANITHER GREAT VIDEO💪I started writing everything down. Sleep.. Miles.. Workouts.. Thoughts for the day. Triggers and Tracking habits. keeping it real with myself. Trying to track what areas I need to work on. Setting real attainable goals. We aren't perfect so failure Helps us grow and to learn who we are.

  21. Micaela Hearn

    question what can I do as far as workouts to get abs an slim down?i want to lose 15-20 pounds an good foods to eat?

  22. Vanessa Jones

    How long did it take for you to start seeing muscle definition, or tone

  23. genesis_ experience32

    Hi Brix I'm training good but stil not shred..body growing want to ask if wey protein will help.tanx

  24. Emonï Locks

    I been watching alot videos in the last month on how to keep the weight off and to lose weight. For years, my weight has been up n down. I realize that i set a goal to high and i was not consisted. I had to really change my mind frame. Now im ready and seeing others who have change their life and kept the weight off… It's great and i know i can meet my goal weight by next year


    I think you should talk about cortisol levels and adrenal fatigue. This is a major reason why weight loss is such a struggle. I appreciate the content bro.

  26. Sebastian Remy

    When are gonna get rid of the loose skin?

  27. Rackeem Rowe

    How did you build the mucle after losing the weight pls like👍👍👍👍

  28. King Fresh

    I fell off man and I feel like shit now

  29. Jaskaran Singh

    I heard when you hit plateau in your fat loss or weight loss you have to reset it that means you have to eat out of your diet for some time and then again get into cutting phase that will break the plateau is that right or bro science?

  30. Brattyhedo Queen

    My question: women over 40. I cannot lose weight. Lab work is fine. Wth? I worked myself to death and not losing anything. My friend said I lift too much weight and told me to do 45 min of cardio and less weight. But I wanna be muscular. I have prob 80lbs to lose. She said lose the fat first then lift light weights. Everything is confusing. What to do?!

  31. Brattyhedo Queen

    I failed about 50-leven Times 🤣🤣🤷🏾‍♀️

  32. Peter Minton

    Hi brix, what I did is buy a 4 ft boxing bag and gloves . I hung the bag in my garage . If you eat something that you feel you should not have , or you feel a bit said , all I do is go into my garage and punch the living day lights out of it . You burn off the calories and makes me feel good . Best of all ,you build up a great sweat . Thank buddy grand fob you are doing thanks . Peter m

  33. Twin_ RKS

    I’m just trying lose 30 pounds and gain abs but that Popeyes chicken sandwich messed up my diet.

  34. khanloveism

    If you fail lets say about once a week 2 or even 3 time a week but rest of the days you did not fail in that week so you are still progressing then what you were doing before weight loss journey..

  35. Movie Clips

    Could you do a video on a boxers meal plan , what kind of foods they eat and how to drop weight and maintain muscles while doing lots of cardio? Just something along that

  36. Monique Mclean

    I have been trying to lose 30lbs since March. I lost six lbs at first. Then I started to regain the weight because I became inconsistent and I wasn't following my diet plan. Now I'm trying to get back on track but sometimes it's so hard to find the strength to drive to the gym after work.


    Still amazes me that we all get this for free man! =)

  38. punishment916

    My slime really went bald lmao, I thought you filtered dat shit haha

  39. EFC442


  40. lovindatJoan

    Thank you I needed this 😢

  41. Mothernature 247

    You are dope! Much appreciated!love the post energy you bring to your channel🌷

  42. trenton dean

    What’s your go to workout playlist ?!

  43. Kameron Lewis

    Ok I'll start tommorow you got me

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