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  1. Yoga with Kassandra

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  2. Marie-Claude Gagné

    One of my favourite class.

  3. Rachel Williams

    Thank you so much for posting this video. It has helped me with my lower back pain immediately as well as relieving my stress.

  4. Natalia Saco

    Loved it ! Thank you

  5. Victória Dalla

    You are great! thank you very much!

  6. Bailaraq

    This sequence really relieves my back!

  7. Annemie Dumoulin

    Great session! Thank you!

  8. poetry by jess Saini

    Thank you so much kassandra

  9. Lisa Stormont

    Please do a class on SI joint dysfunction. Love your work! You have helped me so much! TYVM 🙂

  10. Jane Marie

    I loved this class. It felt a bit fast for me, so the second time through I slowed the playback down to .75. I didn't know you could do that! Go to settings in youtube and select speed selector. This helped me feel mindful through the class and feel each pose more fully.

  11. Stacey Long

    One of the best online yoga videos I've ever done. Perfect positions for me and lovely having the garden view. Thank you. Also – I've just done your visioning exercise from your vlog series. It felt very powerful and I've no doubt it's going to help me in the coming months. Happy full moon sister x

  12. Alyssa Freeman

    Great class. I've been struggling with a lot of low back/hip pain from CrossFit after baby. I'll be coming back to this session a lot. Really good cues. Thank you.

  13. Dezi2222

    Very nice series hope it helps my aching hip!

  14. Marina Bertola

    Amazing Kassandra! I feel much better after this class

  15. Natalie Elaine Terry

    I love this one. For me, it was an ideal combo of meditation, stretch & strength. Felt like I did a LOT in 25 minutes, too. Nice little bit of relief for my chronic low back pain. Thank you 🙂

  16. chapplepeach29

    Sooo good

  17. Bridget Slavin

    Beautiful class made even more so with puss 🙂

  18. Lia C

    More hips and hamstrings please but with relaxing music. This was too high tempo for me

  19. The Archiviz Wiz

    I would love to see more vin to Yin videos for spinal health and hamstrings particularly with lots of yummy twists. 😘

  20. Steven Pitts

    As a 63 year old (Old fart if you like) I’ve been doing the yoga thing twice a week at a local gym, but I’ve picked up on following you twice a week or so, as you do other practices that my teacher doesn’t regularly incorporate.
    And I really do enjoy the yin yoga sessions you do

  21. Vanessa Gomes

    The class is superb and the cat is very welcome but the song is horrible.

  22. Jadrian

    This class was amazing. I’m a football player who struggles with tight hips and lower back. Would love if you had a more extended version of this class. Possibly an hour long?

  23. Tzipi Glick

    Kassandra- I have been suffering from lower back pain- and I forgot about you. Just started up again with you and feeling so much better. Thank you for this amazing service you provide for all of us. Love your classes!!!!

  24. YukiTombo

    Is there any yoga instructor out there who doesn't make you do downward dog every 3rd move? I hate hate HATE downward dog. It's agony.

  25. Inanna Sirius

    Doing this is begining of 6th month of pregnancy

  26. Amy Herr

    Great class! Thank you! Would love a longer shavasana

  27. Diane Tarkowski

    Just what I needed, thank you Kassandra!🙏 Please make more practices for hips and low back.

  28. Jemma Lester

    This class felt so good on my tight lower body. I will come back to this. Also, the kitty was amazing.

  29. alon EL

    Really good flow and poses. Good music as well but its abit over coming your talk and hard to understand when not looking at the screen

  30. gerakan kakak asuh

    Works for me, thank you 😊😊

  31. Nadia Montes

    This video has brought me so much relief. Thank you.

  32. kayla ward

    Love this video and the cat!!!!

  33. Elpitha lemos

    It is a lovely Clas and thank you Kassandra, however the background music is not relaxing at all!!

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