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  1. AbdelAzeez Sobh

    Acupuncture and Weight Loss

    Read More: https://www.toevolution.com/blog/view/3770/acupuncture-and-weight-loss

  2. pie app

    What a joke!!! Show the after of his weight loss.
    Must needle extra long needles for him?

  3. Denise Ramos

    look at other videos their more helpful

  4. mozart paiva

    Great questions but how about the answers? That was a pretty STUPID video!

  5. Saksh Verma

    Hey! Have you tried – batama weight loss adept (do a search on google)? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my mate got cool results with it.

  6. Peter Fritz Walter

    Thanks for informing us Western people, for this is very unusual for us, but I know it's true for I have done 30 years of research on the concept of Chi and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). I will shortly publish a book about it for I see there is a lot of interest in our Western cultures for these issues.

    Thank you again for posting this video, and Farewell to you all!

  7. gihumi

    What the hell is she sayong?? English pls.

  8. Original Nation

    is this treatment  in london?

  9. Trideep Choudhary

    please translate the expert opinion in english for non chinese like me.

  10. Renzo Marfe

    Woman's body already has the weight reduction hormone, all you need to do is to make your fat-burning hormone doing the job, this technique called Metabolic Override. And then, you are able to reduce weight quickly without restricting the foods you crave most

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