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  1. Alexandra Anca Codreanu

    So much talk that it obscures the real message (if there is one).

  2. Bonnie Hoke-Scedrov

    Thank you so much for this informative video! I got so much out of it.

  3. Angie Austin

    What's about Raw Vegan?

  4. Michael E. Campbell

    Great interview. Dr. Gregor is a legend. I am so looking forward to the new book. By focusing on diets, the book may pick up more publicity because it certainly is a subject of interest. I hope that people read it and the ideas start to seed.

  5. Louise Garcia

    Great video! So much helpful tips. Now I need your help, pls help me. I am so despreate to lose my weight, but always fail. I stumbled on this weight loss program, so I need your opinion on it: https://wantedsecrets.com/weightloss It looks like a great program to help people lose weight, I am just looking for some opinions before I make my decision. By the way, I love the content you have been posting lately! You are such a motivation to me!

  6. Purple Vegan Lady

    I pre-ordered my copy!

  7. m0L3ify

    He hit on exactly why a low-carb Atkins-like diet worked so well for me at first but why I was still getting sicker 15 years later. Turns out I have Celiac disease and some other plant allergies, and a very related secondary neurological issue, and when I cut out ALL the carbs, my digestive and neurological issues got better. So I thought it was the carbs that were bad. At first I lost weight, too, and was down to my healthiest weight for a few years, so the diet seemed very healthy. But over time I started getting fatter and fatter and I was sick all the time. Colds would last 6 weeks. My feet were swelling. I developed heart problems. I was pre-diabetic. My cholesterol had been high since I started low-carb when I was 25. Now I was 40 and not doing so hot. By this point I'd finally learned I was Celiac and so when I discovered plant-based diets, I was able to switch and still avoid health issues. It was hard at first, though, because I discovered a few more things I'm sensitive to that are very common in vegan recipes, like most beans, and sweet potatoes. Those were heartbreaking to lose, but I already knew how to steer around speed bumps like that to make it all work for me, and I've found the healthy things I can eat and I'm doing great. Blueberry oat smoothies are my current addiction. ^_^ I still haven't lost the weight, though, because I have childhood trauma issues and emotional eating that I'm working on overcoming, but overall, my physical health has never been better and I no longer suffer from most of the ailments I had before from eating all that meat. It's interesting the correlations we make and conclusions we come to in life. Sometimes they seem so logical and yet…they're not correct. And I'm a scientist, so believe me, this happens to everyone. We are all human. ♥

  8. m0L3ify

    I've been doing what Dr. Greger suggested in the live talk he put up on his channel a couple weeks ago, and it's already working. I was amazed that calorie pre-loading really works! I've also been "habit bunching" by only streaming TV shows on my new phone at the gym. My insatiable desire to find out what happens next keeps me going back for more and I only missed one day this week because of the holiday. I may hate going to the gym, but I will eagerly walk 5 miles a day for Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston.

  9. memefeed

    I was going to go plant based, but the carnivore community has convinced me more, especially if I support only pasture raised and healthy animals. whats the strongest argument for veganism? also i would love some links.

  10. devender sehrawat

    Please do a healthy weight gain video.

  11. Dean Peterson

    Bought this and his first one. Love his YouTube talks – gets the point across is a nice way

  12. Donnie Moder

    So cool and ethical to provide citations. And, more importantly, use the cited sources correctly, ethically and truthfully. Some authors put citations but citations don't actually back up what is being said.

  13. Mike Skylark

    I like his new appearance more. He doesn't look that emaciated anymore. 🙂

  14. TheJojovani

    I've been working out since I was 12 years old eating meat and getting tons of supplements, Im now 30 years of age. I went vegan 3 weeks ago and my god I've been able to sustain muscle mass so much easier its nothing short of amazing.

  15. Gustavo Gonnet

    Great interview, Jeff!!!


    Excellent interview! Love the teaching and example you both bring together. Thank you and happy Thanksgiving!

  17. Misty Goldstone

    Love Dr Gregor! Thanks for the video! 🙂

  18. Vivian Vilmin

    Citation link please. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  19. Sarah Palmani

    Dr. Greger is the coolest!!!!

  20. AnanasFanta

    Gregers: evidence > anecdotes
    Guilt: I don't know why but kardemumma is awesome. I'm vegan fitness competitor with vegan family!


    I want to hear him talk about omad🙄

  22. JoseTheVegan

    Thank you Jeff for having Dr. Michael Greger with information about his book: How Not to Diet!

  23. SKPjoe Coursegold

    thanks Jeff and Doc.

  24. michael onello

    Love the Greger…!

    Whole plant based foods on Instagram == mikewakethefoodup

  25. Dan Smith

    Glad you’re back buddy! 💪

  26. Phat Vegan


  27. Tomdeblink

    I wish you asked a couple of more questions about building muscle on a plant based diet, but great interview anyhow.

  28. think twice

    This guy is a fraud of a doctor

  29. *Veganislife*

    Jeff, what is it you are drinking please??

  30. *Veganislife*

    Dr Michael “ Legend” Greger.

  31. Leonardo Da Vinci

    Great interview as usual!

  32. RipeApple

    Only 16 mins? 😯

  33. Brandon Miller


  34. Alex

    Pls answer but will I lose weight in a week if I do omad and eat normally ?? ( No junk food ) and I workout alot after meal

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