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  1. Sweety Sweety

    Does Fig walnut smoothie…in night instead of dinner..useful in weight loss?

  2. Sadaf Javaid

    can i take this durning conceive

  3. Jaya Iyer

    Hi can I use an apple instead of a banana?

  4. Muhammad Hassan

    Mere liye please. Video banaye mera diet plan kuch aisa banaye k mera school timing breaks 10 am 12:30 pm and 4:30 and come to home at 7:00

  5. Anima Kumar

    Hello mam…… Can we take detox drinks in fasting window of intermittent fasting? Like jeera water or lemon water pls reply….. Pls pls….

  6. Faitma Ali

    Raat mai dinner ki jaga le lein?

  7. Pavani Kruthiventi

    Hi, how much calories this smoothie have ?

  8. Pgagpp 4

    Hi vickey mam ,plz make vdo on kids hight growth …. Plz mam.. my daughter is 10 yr old i m very worried abtt hr growth.

  9. Rashi Modgill

    Can i take this twice.. For breakfast n dinner??

  10. Maitrayan Ghosh Roy

    Mam, is it possible to make Biriany by Wild Rice ?

  11. The Real Recipes

    Can i take this smoothie after workout??

  12. Zainabbutt Zainab

    Ap plzz grapefruit ka koi diet plan btai plzz


    Super video

  14. Shreya Khurana

    Plz recommend me some morning or some night drinks for winter for weight loss.
    I m a pcod patient and a working women so I don't have time for any workout or exercise
    Plz suggest me something resolve my this problem your all vedios are so effective and I luv your channel too.

  15. Dhara thakur

    In this can we add moringa powder?

  16. Poonam Singh

    Hello all,
    Highly recommended your all stuff regarding weight loss.
    Guys u all can follow her blindly.
    All effective stuff if followed as described.

    Vicky I love u.
    All the best.

  17. Kuljeet Kaur

    Good recipe

  18. Snehal Kognule

    I don't know, I have taken 1 banana each day with proper diet but that has increased my weight by 2 kg in 10 to 12 days… When I stopped taking banana with same diet my weight has reduced by 2 kg… That means banana doesn't suit to me…?

  19. Anamlatif Anamlatif

    Peanut butter skip kr skty h Kia plz rep must mam

  20. mandeep966

    Does it really work?? Anyone who tried this smoothie??

  21. Yogita Mishra

    Hi could you also share weight loss smoothie for dinner please. Tired of doing only soups and salads. Thanks

  22. Priti Jain



    Going to try it out soon thank you for all your recipes..

  24. Resham Shaha

    Plz koun sa drink le jisse 8,10din me weight loss ho Jay mujhe Bina side effects ka pet hips Kam Karna hai party attend Karna hai plzzzz mem btaye

  25. Manpreet Kanojia

    Apki aawaz bhot achi h 😍😍😍

  26. Sadaf Shabbar

    Vicky love you ❤

  27. nishatm8

    First one to comment… likes ur video very much… can we avoid milk in this smoothie…and just add water

  28. Hassan Hassan

    Thanks a lot

  29. Hassan Hassan

    Thanks a lot

  30. Adan Ch

    ap reply q ni dytiiii thak gai hun sms kar kar kar kar k .app ki egg deit 1o day vali .m roti bilkul ni khani .ya khichri.b ni ly skty

  31. Sandeep Jha

    Are mam apne mujhe phchana
    Ham mile the 15 nov ko

  32. Sandeep Jha


  33. Mahwish Sohail


  34. Faizah khurram

    ya it's nice

  35. Mohammed Nazeer Uddin

    Hello mam flaxseed ki jagah kuch aur add karsakte kya.mujhe flaxseed nhi lena hai.plz reply

  36. pooja yadav


  37. Wasif Shykh

    Mam plz rply..i am 23 year old and i have twin daughters by c.section…os k bad to wazn kam hi nai ho rha…plz kuch btaen help me mera weight 76 he plz ans

  38. Wasif Shykh

    Plz ingrediants b mention kya karen….

  39. Dildar Kismath Ara


  40. Joshua Fortnite


  41. sharma sharma

    Vicky please answer we are asking you from your previous video bed time drink for fat loss can we use the drink as last meal in IF meal plan

  42. QURATULAIN Motiwala

    Peanut butter ki jga peanuts dal skte

  43. sana ijaz

    can i skip peanut butter?

  44. GN GN

    Doctors to banana khane se mana krte hai q Ki us se fat badhata hai

  45. Anvar Khan

    Nice Appi

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