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  1. Lisa Jung

    Please make a clip about g idle minnie and miyeon and soojin diet and oh my girl arin and seunghee jiho and hyuna part 2 and tiffany wang part 2 These are some of the girls' names who can make diets on change and become thinner due to negative comments and think your

  2. jaehyun's left dimple

    This was a great video. I was wondering if you would do one on Jaehyun from NCT?? He's admitted to skipping meals and used to get a lot of hate comments.

  3. nlc

    can you please do nancy momoland, i’ll appreciate any content you release though (:

  4. Liza Salcedo

    please make a video about gain's weight next

  5. Haley Paradiso

    They look pretty either way, but I prefer when they’re a bit bigger, I don’t understand the hate they get lol

  6. Gabbie Cruz

    I miss them.

  7. Ngân Nguyễn

    love ur videos. thanks for your hardworking

  8. I Love Eggplants

    please do a video on nancy from momoland

  9. love

    i think alice was the leader for hello venus 🙂

  10. Namjoon’s IQ of 148

    None of these girls on this channel are ever chubby but if I’m honest their companies never give clothes or hairstyles to suit the idol. Lime is a beautiful girl with a straighter body type (much like Hani) a lot of her outfits don’t give her body the justice it needs. Also like Yeri of red velvet. Instead of making these beautiful women feel like their bodies aren’t beautiful they should give them clothes and styles that suit them and their bodies!!

  11. Aimee Dee

    PLEASE DO NANCY OF MOMOLAND I saw many comments asking for a video of mmld nancy wed b really grateful if you did one

  12. Aimee Dee


  13. Aimee Dee


  14. Aimee Dee


  15. Aimee Dee


  16. Aimee Dee


  17. camilla_helen

    i’d love to see a video on Nancy from momoland!

  18. Clara's Celestial Base

    How I miss hellovenus…

  19. VIXXStarlight

    I know they were kidding but the part where her members were teasing her about being less pretty because she gained weight was really mean 🙁

  20. RandomStranger

    Can you do a video on Nancy from Momoland? They recently had a comeback and she seemed to have lose alot of weight due to the negative comments people made during "I'm so hot" era

  21. Petrini Manini

    Lime is pursuing her acting career. She is in a drama called Touch (support role) it aired on Jan 3 2020 on channel A.

  22. Jack K

    Can you really live a normal life after being famous?

  23. Twice OnceJihyo

    I really love her name tho
    Lime it's cute name

  24. vip5hawol

    I really miss her and HV :L
    She was my bias and like you said, she just completely went awol…
    I hope she's doing well wherever she is though ♡

  25. ihateyou i


  26. PinkPanadalove

    OMG Her reaction to the fanchats in the opening scene is so cute! I love her already!

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