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  1. Jay D33

    Not a religious person, but at least LeCrae and I say the same thing.

  2. JAYCHOU 08

    So are you saying that we should not listen to Hip Hop

  3. D. Bailey & Associates Realty

    Dude!!!! Well-articulated and researched. This needs to be circulated into American culture on a mass scale.

  4. Chizitelu Okoli

    God bless you Lecrae! "May we all have the humility to hear many more". I can only imagine what my siblings in the African-American communities experience but God is in control. I may not be African-American but I'm African and we are African and we have a story. Shout out to all the non-Africans who stood up for us, God will reward you.

  5. Percussion Ensembles

    I know this is really late, but how on earth did he find 21% unemployment? There was maybe one state that had unemployment that high. The national average was 8.3%…

  6. Sweden

    Someone give this man a scholarship and send him to Harvard or Yale.

  7. Lilly Lioness

    Wow 😯! This is so deep!!! OMG HEART FELT.

  8. JSM Pac Man

    Rock is king. Hail to the King 😎😎😎💪💪💪

  9. Inspire Web Services

    All mumble rappers must see this before making any sloppy songs anymore.

  10. EffectsOfRap On Youth

    I love this video. He is a first hand source for advocating that rap music is what you make of it and it by itself doesn't make you into a villain.

  11. Jason Hanson

    Thank you Lecrea! Jesus has anointed you as a great profit! Your music helps me to follow Jesus and put to death sinful things in my life. Obviously it is the Holy Spirit working through this man.

  12. daniel choung

    he changed into a totally different person after his fame

  13. Sacha Michiels

    Hi guys I'm doing a school work about hip-hop, and I wanted to know if it's possible to copy the subtitle(if yes tell me how), or any other way to copy paste what he says, I'm a little bit too lazy to write. Thank you

  14. kruff39


  15. Evan Karner

    This is the single greatest TED talk in my opinion. I never understood how to explain my love for hip hop and true lyrics to others that look down on it. Thank you.

  16. Mabel Asuquo

    "Today we've heard one story; may we all have the humility to hear many more."

  17. Drift

    I love you!

  18. Rene Cardona


  19. Viviann Sevier

    You are the Hero, thanks

  20. miguel gonzalez

    first of all hip hop was already a thing before we claimed it to be hip hop did we make it better depends who you ask but the tool it became is lost and will never be found again now it's just a welfare check for ignorance at it highest value I still appreciate her but she has been abused so badly she can never be the queen I used to call hip hop

  21. Levitate Levitate

    Lupe just came out with a great concept album called drogas waves 🌊 give it a listen, it will reshape the way you look at hip hop

  22. Nile Rivers33

    I love street music and don't listen to Lecrae but I commend him on an intellectual tip.

  23. Jason Church

    Extremely well spoken and decently thought out argument. The only point I think he failed to explain/justify was the extreme objectification of women that is prevalent in hip-hop, and effectively, ravages the African-American community. The rate of fatherless children in their community is enormous – is he suggesting this is all the result of embracing the persona that sells records? Or the result of drugs and the war on drugs? That point didn't come in clear to me.

  24. The Bratman

    regular TED cant contain this man.

  25. Jonathan Pape

    Today its a cancer

  26. Champion RD

    That the truth

  27. Cyndi Moore

    Love his wisdom and his allegories! Smart, funny, honest and entertaining!

  28. Michael Inglis

    This was a very well put together talk, a message that I'm glad is being introduced.

    And Regan has always and will always be a villain.

  29. Bleek Harper

    One of the greatest speeches ever!

  30. Rachel Marcus

    Absolutely brilliant!

  31. Mark Acumen

    Tip of the hat.

  32. Band Man Licensing

    I love the humility, love, realism, understanding, and especially the consciousness of issues in almost everything Lecrae does; his autobiography, his music, and this presentation. One of my role models for sure.

  33. Paty

    Please, if someone could translate into Spanish, I would appreciate it very much. Greetings./ Por favor, si alguien puede traducir al español, lo agradecería mucho. Saludos.

  34. FroMaestro

    I live in Nashville.
    How did I miss this? So upsetting, lol dang.

  35. coolsouth S

    Blah blah blah. Hip Hop is primal noise. The " inner city" pain story is overtold.

  36. Elijah cesspoole


  37. Noli Dee

    Eff Kendrick Lamar

  38. Goodnews Adekpe

    June 21, 2018
    Still Epic

  39. John Wick's pencil

    It’s neither, it’s a SYMPTOM.

  40. Madalyn Newton


  41. Eva Kelley

    Very well said! 🙂💚

  42. GL K

    Hip Hop is just so low vibration music. It's music for the sick ego. All of these kids today, that's all they listen to. All the kids from today try to hard to immitate those fools.

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