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  1. Kevin Lindsay

    Mary, that is awesome. Any form of meditation, and I'd put that hobby in the category of meditation. Anything to distract your thoughts while slowing down the hiccups. Bravo! Yes, a lot of side effects with this condition I haven't shared to much yet. Keep STRONG Mary … we are FIGHTERS • SURVIVORS • WARRIORS!!!

  2. Mary Rodriguez

    I’m still constipated and still with Intractable Hiccups. But the hiccups gets slower when I sew. I started a new hobby of sewing, my mother taught me how to sew three days ago. You see, not am I only constipated. I’m stressed out all the time. I have other conditions besides those two like a heart condition that doctors haven’t found out yet, ADHD, OCD, POTS Syndrome, Gastritis which makes me more stressed. I love to draw pictures, but now it turned from a hobby to work. I still love to draw but I get more stressed when I take Art Class. I found a way to decrease stress which is my new hobby. Sewing. I’m still a beginner of sewing, I still have a lot of lessons to do before mastering sewing.

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