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  1. Yen Tran

    I need find Dermalogica spa for my face treatment in Orlando,Florida.But I don’t know any spa in here…

  2. Lorraine Mingoia

    What does the neon gas do?

  3. Steph K

    Just bought the same machine for $40 NuDerma! Cheaper and you can use it everyday! Save yourself the money

  4. Kathryn

    there is no direct current… the violet electrode produces an argon gas.

  5. Jaden Jefferson

    It only starts on the forehead now I’m scared when I get older what will happen when I’m 15

  6. Jason Williams

    Anyone buy one of those things? I got an amazing version of this same one at fyre-shop.com?

  7. karan khan

    I hear many people keep on talking about Fopobiacne Secrets. But Im uncertain if it is good. Have you ever try this popular natural acne treatment?

  8. Mk Moula

    My sister please help me my skin is very pimple so help and my address is tamil Nadu

  9. Vams Luna

    IS this the same item?

  10. Vams Luna

    IS this the same item?

  11. Gloria Paj Qaim Hli Cha

    That shit was NOT painless! It hurt like a motherb*****!

  12. Pretty Roses

    Does this method cause cancer?

  13. sejal patel

    How long it will take to do this facial?

  14. Athena Christianne Garcia Hortaleza

    It was founded? 0:43

  15. Rapunzel saçlı kız

    Hello everyone my this device order has come to me 4 days ago. Turned it on applied everything was ok. But today i second time turned in on little bit worked later that voice of device has gone and didn't feel electric on my face. I am so sad..😢😢😢😢. what is the problem of my device 😭😭😭😭😭 please help

  16. EVE LA

    i wanna try those☹️😭

  17. Cleo Chan

    Coooool 😂

  18. Preston Siegler

    I know most of this is psuedoscience, but I still watch if anyway🤣

  19. Laura Grace

    Excellent review, I got my Device from http://www.skinn-store.com (it was affordable) and it’s been working very well. Getting good results from it. High frequency devices are the way to go!

  20. Bhagya vedhata

    Is this machine available in india

  21. Reena Palav

    Lady already had beautiful blessed skin. . Treatment was not needed. . But damn human nature we always desire for more and more and more. 😀😁.

  22. Lauren Jena

    Argon and oxygen =ozone which is an antioxidant…..
    Argon is in the electrodes
    And an oxygen cream or gel is placed on to the skin the gauze are there to help increase oxygen and act as a slight protection…. the

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